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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Family Anguished While Awaiting Decision About Court Martial

Via Rob's Blog: Family Anguished While Awaiting Decision About Court Martial.

Please be sure to read the article. There are links at Rob's Blog for signing a petition for clemency for Col. Birt, as well as writing to your congressmen.

I know a lot of other things are going on, but this is a matter not just of simple human dignity, but of doing right by our soldiers.

Remember that this is a matter which touches at the very core of what we claim to be: compassionate, fair and honest. Unlike the Bushinistas who are stripping the Birts of everything for simply doing the job --- a concept Bush and none of his lunatic ranks could ever comprehend, given they've never done an honest day's work.

Just do the right thing.


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