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Saturday, February 19, 2005

hafooL sdeeS

Once again, spelt backward, this time to keep me from appearing on the searches of the many "Left Behind"ers who desperately love growing this vine.

Ah-loof :=D is the lovely sponge used for baths and showers and even for washing the dishes. It's also a gorgeous vine which loves hot weather and full sun, a plus for this area where temps over 100 are common and can last for weeks on end. It's not uncommon for the vines to grow over 90'.

Its yellow flowers are also prime hummingbird and honeybee fare.

In any case, I'm taking the last of the hafool <--- reversed I grew last year and knocking the seeds out of it. I've already handed out some of the seeds to people around here, all of whom were delighted by the vines I got going last year.

And now that I'm knocking the seeds out of these last three sdruog <--- backward again!, looks like I'm going to have plenty for a few other people.

If by chance you want some, leave a note in the comments. They can be hard to find seeds - I got these last year from some friends who used to run a certified organic farm over in Arkansas, so they're good ones.


At 6:05 PM, Blogger grammydeb said...

Hi Cookie. I wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog. I have been lurking for a while and this is my first post. I live in Alabama and the 'hafooL sdeeS' should do well here. How do I sign up for them and any other seeds you can spare? Thanks

At 6:52 PM, Blogger Cookie said...


grammydeb, email me at ... mmm ... wait, later this evening I'll open another email account and put it here for you. I don't want to put any of my regular emails here because they'll get spammed. Grrrr!

I also have giant moonflower seeds. They're gorgeous --- huge plate sized flowers that only open at night on very vigorous vines with heart shaped leaves. Depending on where you are in Alabama, they might be perennials - here, our winter is a bit too harsh, so they're annuals.

How do you feel about tomatoes? I have seeds for maybe ten different varieties, from Cherokee Purple to small white ones. I may also have some seeds from grape tomatoes, but I may not have gathered any - don't remember!

In any case, it will tak me a few hours, but I'll put another email account on and post it here --- then email me your info and I'll get some sent off to you!

At 9:23 AM, Blogger Cookie said...

Okay, grammyd ...

I just added another email address. It's:

sdeeshafool AT earthlink.net

It will likely take it an hour or so to kick in so, if you send me your info and it bounces, just wait a little while.


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