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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Iraqi elections: outcome according to plan?

At the outset of the invasion of Iraq, I found a document online of a plan presented by Perle and Wolfowitz to Israel in 1996. Among the details were plans to invade Iraq and otherwise intentionally destabilize the entire Middle East, supposedly to enable Israel to become the major power in the region.

Hopefully, memory has served me on those details --- and I do recall "strategic" and "institute" in the name of the organization "hosting" this document. However, I simply can't find the exact document online anymore, although I'm sure it's up there somewhere.

In any case, the significance of this document (if I could ever find it) is that it provides some background to this, an article lifted from Tom Paine via Progressive Blog Digest.

Post, poor Robin Wright gets it totally wrong. She argues—in an article headlined: “Iraq Winners Allied with Iran Are the Opposite of U.S. Vision”—that it went all wrong [...] Maybe that’s true, if by “U.S. plans” she means the plans of the realists, the CIA and the State Department. But the neocons are ecstatic: not only does the new Iraq threaten Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia, but it will be people by Kurds (many of whom have secret ties to Israel’s Mossad), Ahmed Chalabi (an Israeli-connected Shiite), and other doubtful Iraq’s of Iranian provenance.



At 6:57 AM, Blogger Nick Burbules said...

Here you go:

"A Clean Break"


At 7:45 AM, Blogger Cookie said...

That's it! Thank you!


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