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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It's a good day to be a blogger

It's been going on for a few weeks now --- a former newspaper editor turned stay at home mom turned investigative journalist at Kos. If you've been following SusanG's diaries about GannonGate and the Valerie Plame leak, you already know what I'm talking about.

She and her fellow Kosmopolitans are the ones who broke the story that the Bushinista's pet reporter --- to whom they've been leaking various CIA and other documents --- appears to be a former male prostitute, definitely a hustler and worse.

It's worth your time to go back and read all of her work, much of which wasn't exposed til today.

Because she's been busy talking to the center of the storm --- Ambassador Joe Wilson himself. And here is what he himself has to say about the state of our once great nation:

Thank you all for your positive comments, particularly those directed at Valerie, truly innocent in all of this.  

The issues under discussion are grave ones.  They go to the heart of what we are as a people.

I applaud you all for your efforts to wage war against the incipient fascism that is enveloping our politics.  It is not un American to hold our government to account.  

It is a constitutionally guaranteed responsibility.  The mainstream press has failed us as have our Congressional leaders with some notable exceptions.  That leaves it to us as citizens to fight for our democracy.  

I am neither liberal nor conservative in this fight, I am American, and this is an American fight.  

Bloggers, we're not alone in this. We're not the only ones seeing fascism taking over. Not only have I been smiling to beat the band over the fabulous work that's been done at outing the first of many crooked so-called journalists, reading Wilson's words gave me more hope for our situation than anything else for a very long time.

We can win this battle.


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