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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Liveblogging SOTU at Cookie's

6:55 While chopping broccoli for a perfectly delectable Thai curry that I was planning to eat while checking out the livebloggers, I notice water streaming from the laundry room.

The washer, packed with large hairy four-legged creature beds, overflowed.

7:17 Trapped behind the washer with a large yellow towel and a smaller, but more absorbent, sage green towel, I look up and discover I have managed to yank the thing that has the faucets and the outlet right out of the wall.

7:19 I climb up over the washer, wishing I still smoked.

7:20 I let the dogs out and notice what looks like an ambulance about a quarter of a mile down the road. Given my neighbors have been dropping like flies here lately, I switch off all the lights and hide in the window to see which road the ambulance takes. Upon closer examination, it appears someone is getting a new sofa.

7:22 I let the dogs back in.

7:24 I climb back behind the washer and yank the thing that the water goes out of out of the thing it goes into to make the water go elsewhere. I look in it and can't see anything.

7:29 I climb back over the washer and push it back against the wall, but decide maybe now isn't the time to do laundry. One of the large hairy beasts begins squealing, followed by a stampede for the door.

7:30 I decide to caulk but take a little stroll through the blogosphere first. Upon arriving at Kos (where I am obsessively rating one fellow with 2's because he keeps giving the BEST posts 3s and giving perfectly annoyingly anal retentive and passive aggressive reasons for this annoying behavior), I discover I am now a Trusted User. That means I can give someone a 0! I spend a couple minutes looking for someone to troll rate.

7:35 The large hairy beasts start squealing and yipping. I let them in and give them stalks of broccoli. They do their large hairy creature victory dances around the place with their broccoli stalks.

7:40 I decide to liveblog my life while trying to find someone liveblogging the SOTU.

7:44 The delectable Thai curry is done. I notice there are ladybugs on the ceiling and spend a moment pondering whether to squash them or liberate them.


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Thai curry...mmmmmmmm

I love Thai food, and I found an outstanding Thai restaurant in Pearl City (Hawaii)...best curry I've ever had, and I've been to Thailand!

On to blogging the SOTU (not live, TV is in other room and I wanted to get the full vid effect)


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