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Saturday, February 26, 2005

msicsaF and arrogance

You see, I have to spell it backward to protect myself from my Googling students.

But it needs to be discussed because, you see, there's this kind of growing outrage on the internet about msicsaf, much of which is rightfully directed at our administration and the miscreant freepers and some others ... but also an assumption that anyone who lives in my current environs is a tsicsaf. Especially if they're youngish, white, rural, impoverished.

And this is where I part company with the libs. And this is why the libs will fail.

For weeks now, I've been discussing the issue of msicsaf in my classes. At first, I was being relatively subtle --- I've managed to relate all coursework and classroom discussion to it. They've taken to it like fish in water because they've been thinking about it --- in some cases, longer than any of you all have.

I don't think people outside of this area have any idea what lurks beneath the surface. These guys, including the ones who are being so freely labelled miscreant racists and stsicsaf-otorp and whatnot by so many of you, are ready to hit the ground on these things --- more willing and even better equipped in their understanding than, say, Kosmopolitans whining because a front-paged diary isn't adhering to proper argument structure. They know without a doubt what has taken over this country --- they see it even clearer than you or I.

And that isn't to say there aren't KKKers about.

It is to say I am appalled by the readiness and arrogance with which those in more fortunate circumstances than we here are writing these guys off already as surefire stsicsaf.

Which is why the libs and Dems will fail yet again. And why we are so easily labelled elites.

All you are doing is alienating some of your most potentially valuable allies in this fight. But I fear the randy raw power of your own superiority will make it impossible to overcome your insistence of what people here really are. And for all your beautiful high falutin words, there will be nothing that you can do because it is just too, too hard for you to get down in the dirt with us --- and too, too easy to peer down your aquiline noses at what you assume (incorrectly) we are.


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