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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Radicals Try to Counteract Gannon ...

... but they're failing rather miserably at it.

Left-Wing Activist Poses as Reporter At White House Press Briefings

WASHINGTON --The media watch-group Accuracy in Media ...

note from Cookie: Accuracy?? BWAHAHAHA!

... charged today that a liberal activist and associate of Ralph Nader has been obtaining access to White House press briefings while claiming to be a legitimate news reporter.

Russell Mokhiber, who sells a $795 a year newsletter that bashes corporations, attends the briefings to make obscure anti-Bush political points. Recently, for example, he asked spokesman Scott McClellan whether President Bush violated one of the Ten Commandments by invading Iraq.

Aaaaaaw. I'm so sorry. The ethically challenged "values" president being asked questions based on his purported values.

Other Mokhiber topics have included industrial hemp, Israel's 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, possible war crimes charges against Bush, and Halliburton.

AIM editor Cliff Kincaid said Mokhiber's attendance at the briefings makes it clear that the controversy over Jeff Gannon attending the same briefings was manufactured by left-wing bloggers and liberals in the media because they don't want conservatives in the White House press corps.

Ri-i-i-ght. So, the fact that Gannon is somehow implicated in Leak-Gate and was credentialed by the White House Press Staff, although he has no journalistic experience (despite extensive experience as a rather poorly paid male prostitute, has nothing to do with it?

Wonder what Men's News Daily had to say about similar matters?

Monica Lewinsky Says Personal Life Of Presidential Candidates Off Limits By Jimmy Moore Talon News

Oh my. Talon News???

Revealing All on Clinton's Infidelity


Senators should be barred from writing and publishing soft porn while in office - especially bad soft porn. After all, if she gets away with it everybody's going to want to do it.

What about living hardcore porn?

It's Never “Just About Sex”


Unfortunately, the New Jersey Democrat machine is not concerned with cleaning up this mess, but is instead immersed in the business of maintaining its stranglehold on that state’s political power apparatus. With the complicity of a sympathetic media, the real issues at stake aren’t even being addressed.

Why does that sound so familiar? Oh that's right! They're describing themselves!

Do Democrats Mind the Law?

A tiny little situation in Indiana right now brings up an unresolved question.  Do democrats mind the law?  Depends on what the definition of ‘mind’ is.


At least, Republicans think that they should.  Apparently Democrats do not.  These Democrats may have been unduly influenced by their party’s past.


Bill Clinton lied about Monica Lewinsky, smirking that truth depends on what is is.  In eight years of scandal, self-aggrandizement and deceit, the Clintons rarely minded the law ...

I'm so sorry, rightwing whackjobs, that you're being exposed for the liars and thieves and sleazes and completely amoral sociopaths that you've been all along.

Well, actually, no I'm not.

< /snark >


At 2:21 PM, Blogger M.T. Daffenberg said...

And have you noticed the backlash against bloggers over the Eason Jordan thing and the gay-model Gannon incident. Bloggers unite! Stand up and smack the journalists with your keyboards, choke them with your mouse cords, Scream, "we are BLOGOSPHERE!" Okay, okay, I got a little carried away. But you see my point, right?

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

Actually, I agree! The mainstream media is totally coopted. I mean, what's going on is clearly exemplified by that question flying around the blogosphere "what would have happened had Gannon been discovered during Clinton?"

Well, you know what would have happened, and i know --- impeachment proceedings would have already begun and it would be four inch headlines everywhere.

But our media is completely coopted and owned by the radical right.

Except .... rumor has it Soros and someone else have been busy purchasing shares in large media corporations. He. :=D


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