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Friday, February 18, 2005

Sleepwalking and ghosts from the past

I desperately need some sleep and just a little time to stare at the ceiling.

I am so very jealous of those people who can just keep on keeping on. Me, I'm too big a geek, I suspect --- true, when push comes to shove, I can certainly muster the most mighty indignance and blast through just about anything.

But I'm downright tired right now, and it's not even midway through the semester. And this semester's batch of students is just plain wearing me out.

I yelled at them today. I'm so grumpy and tired, it was fun to yell at them. I usually don't resort to such tactics, but today, I just hauled off and let 'em have it. Not all of them --- just the lazy jive-asses snickering in the back row.

You want to act like 14 year olds? Go for it, no skin off my back. But don't come crying when you flunk the class.

You want to see how little you can get away with doing? Fine! Saves me from a little grading!

But don't come crying to me when you get a big fat F.

You thinking oooooh, what fun, I'm just sliding in under the radar and she won't even notice I didn't do such and such!

Actually, yes I do notice. But you know --- I'm not your mother. It's your problem you didn't do it, not mine.

And that big F you're earning is all yours, too.

Whatever. While driving there this morning, I was listening to a station in Northwest Arkansas (the one that's different from the one that calls itself The Voice of Arklahoma!) and the announcer came on and said "The Cate Brothers Live!:"

I about fell out of the driver's seat. I haven't heard of them since I don't know when. I got to meet them once long ago - actually, the long suffering wife of one of them - back in 1985, I think, and I never seen such a bunch of drunks in my life. The wife I met, that poor woman! I think I'm all wore out, that husband of hers had driven her right to the edge of hell and back again a few times!

Never occurred to me a one of them could possibly still be alive, considering how drunk they were back then. But they are, and it's tempting to sneak over to Arkansas to see them this weekend. I could stay with The Bubba side of my family over in Siloam Springs. They're just about the nicest people on earth, but they are true blue BUBBAS!

But i probably won't go. Instead, I really do have to get the chicken coop ready because the people with my chickens want me to come get the chickens next Tuesday.

For now, however, I'm going to sleep til sometime tomorrow.

Okay, I'll be reading all the blogs (including yours, whoever you are) and ruminating on it and washing the dishes and watching "orgaliM dleifnaeB raW" <---- written backward to protect me from Googling students, as I'm making one of my classes watch it next week (although not the one that got the tongue lashing today).

I'll see you all tomorrow.


At 7:44 AM, Blogger Steve Bogner said...

Wow - reading your blog brings back some memories. We lived in Tulsa for 12 years, and my brother-in law used to live in Siloam Springs (in the chicken industry). We vacationed in Eureka Springs and around Greer's Ferry lake in NW Arkansas.

Having grown up on a family farm in Kansas, I can appreciate the value of co-ops; and having lived in OK for a while it's easy to understand how a law protecting Corporate Chicken could easily get passed.

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

I think it can be hard for people not from this area to understand how complex the Powers That Be really are for us.

It's especially problematic that we're simply labelled a red state and dismissed as a lost cause. It just isn't that simple.

It's a shame, but our politicians are about the most crooked around. Corporate Chicken is right, and they could care less.


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