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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Steve Gilliard on Ward Churchill

Steve Gilliard has posted another perspective on Ward Churchill, and a good one.

Fake leftist outrage. The people who worked in the World Trade Center didn't make US policy towards Iraq, and they sure weren't killed for that.

Freedom of speech is the right to say what you think. It is not the unfettered right to go without vigorous criticism.

Agreed on all points.

Coming to New York, discussing 9/11, and referring to the victims, which included the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, as Eichmanns, is both stupid and intellectually braindead. Because it is cheap language without thought or meaning. It is language meant to outrage, not inform or educate. What were the Pakistani immigrants who died there, people most likely people who had no role in the formulation of US policy?

Agreed again.

People who don't live in New York have no idea how raw 9/11 still is. Casual comments about 3,000 dead people will not go over well here. Especially when the comments are so ill-informed and offensive.

The nature of my own outrage differs, but I am in fundamental agreement. Churchill has dishonored and betrayed many of the people I know here, while simultaneously depending on (plundering) them for authenticity. He isn't their representative, nor is he even in any way familiar with these mountaineers of the south.

UC-Boulder, however, also shares blame in this by being so anxious to grant authenticity to their Ethnic Studies program that they would hire a poseur. More often than not, I suspect the real thing is just too much trouble for these academics.

In any case, Gilliard's posting on the topic is worth a read.


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