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Sunday, March 06, 2005


For years, I've thought my entire family had Asperger's.

I've thought this because we are all so embarrassingly naive --- we also all have very strange and extreme talents in very particular areas, and are obsessive about whatever we do, tending to get completely lost.

We're terrible space cases. All of us. The classic Absent Minded Professor types.

Complicating matters is that we all are hypersensitive --- my eyesight, for example, is that kind where I can see closer and further than most people (making me a good Indian scout). We have a number of food insensitivities and odd intolerances and allergies. We're all on weird diets --- I'm combo no wheat - low carb, while my oldest brother is no wheat, no eggs, no nuts or strawberries, etc. Etc. Etc.

My sister, who actually knows about these things because of her work, has tried many times to tell me we're not --- we're odd and definitely space cases and naifs, but not Asperger's.

In any case, while reading about Asperger's on another site, I found a quiz which tests for basic attributes of Asperger's.

From the site, this warning: The characteristics portrayed in these questions are some that a person on the autistic spectrum MAY have. No one has all of them. You can also have some of them without being autistic. Many are shared with those who have, for example, TS, ADHD or dyslexia - or who are just sensitive, creative or original in general.

I failed the test. I'm not Asperger's and scored so far below the cut-off that it's not even a possibility. I'm much too social and empathetic, much too messy and much too opposed to regimentation.

It's an interesting test, however, and provides a tiny opportunity to look into the life of someone with Asperger's.


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