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Monday, March 07, 2005

Award Winning Monday Night Snarking

The Best Snark of the Evening

From Clairetoothloose:
Just a little ho hum in Oklahoma Blog Land. The best thing by far was the story over at Library Stories about the Seattle Library. Over at Dustbury if you go down to the thing he posted called More in Store I asked him how
to pronounce de rigueur and he cleared that up for me. It's really amazing how many people in Oklahoma know their french. And how much they know about the french. Hence, all the french jokes and joking about Europeans because, truly, I've always noticed how, I guess the word is "cosmopolitan" and "refined" Oklahomans are. And, I, frankly, don't think this is brought up enough. Happily, we have people like the guy over at UnixDude who brings this home, fast and furious as he says something today about a "steaming pile of euroweenie babble" and wants me to go read something, but, sadly, I don't want to go anywhere he's going. I'd like to thank him/her anyway for the delightful picture on top of his thing of the cowboy who has just tied up the donkey with rope and looks like he's going to hit him with the letter W that must stand for something but I can't think what. He also talks about something his Aunt Minnie just sent him, which I read part of but didn't find particularly interesting. Something about something about The Bill of Rights which I didn't really want to read, fearful that it might segue into something about Freedom of Speech. It's hard to imagine that there might be someone left who hasn't figured out that The Bill of Rights applies in special cases and not in others (usually having something to do with the amount of money you have ask the Indians and people related to people who used to be owned by other people and worked on plantations) and that Freedom of Speech would apply to certain people but evidently not to the Vice President of the United States who evidently can say an awfully bad word on the Senate Floor and later remark on television that he felt better for it. I'm not sure, but that leads me to believe that certain people who don't have power and/or money have to be more careful in their speech than people who don't have power and/or money. This gets very close to that thing that says These are the Golden Rules. Those who have the Gold make the Rules. I'm having a hard time with why some people hold the Bill of Rights and the Constitution sacred when it would seem they are suspended and manipulated from time to time and whenever an explanation has been given to me (when I used to inquire about that with a naive question like, I thought Congress had to declare war?, or I thought somebody said all men are created equal?) has never been particularly satisfying. That's why I, like Ferdinand, sit under a tree and smell the flowers, sad that people refer to The Founding Fathers when need be, but ignore them at other times willy nilly, just like that. Sad, but happy, knowing that the word for flower is fleur in French (a lovely sounding word I just love saying, just like Mr. Cheney has his f word I have mine), and happy that some people think that french fries actually have something to do with something French and happy that Renoir isn't here to see this and happy that someone who leads our country hasn't (yet) started commenting on Renoir, Monet, Cezanne and perhaps my favorite, Pissaro. Happy that Monet had that wonderful house, wonderful garden and He(that's a reverential He reserved for Monet) didn't have to explain why he painted waterlillies to someone who makes fun of the French, calls his(not Monet's) Secretary of State, "Condi" and, I believe, nicknamed Russian President Vladimir Putin, Pootie Poo.


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