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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Day One, Garden Journal 2005

Well, the mouse seems to be working well enough that I can pull this off, although the real issue is whether I'll get bored doing a garden journal and abandon it just before the most exciting parts.

Whatever. This afternoon, I went insane and filled the starter flats with soil, in preparation for starting seeds. Which will begin happening this weekend if I ever finish grading.

I'll likely start with chard, loofah and some birdhouse gourds and one variety of tomatoes (I have give I'm planting this year). And starting asparagus from seed, which ought to be interesting.

Next week, after I get this round of seeds going, I might start the giant moonflowers. But maybe not. It's really too early for them because they like lots of sun and heat.

In addition, just now, I potted up two varieties of strawberries. I'm growing the strawberries on my front porch, thanks to the &%$^^$ bunny. I have a nice big container for them, a large metal drum that the previous owner here welded in half to use as a waterer. I painted it (which at first completely horrified all my cowboy neighbors [what the hell is that woman doing now???], but eventually led to a frenzy of halved metal drum planters and even one full drum planter down the road) and grew sage, nasturtium, morning glories, cardinal flowers and some other stuff in it last year. This year, it will have the strawberries, morning glories, some gorgeous nasturtiums and possibly edible chrysanthemums. Unless I put the edible mums elsewhere.

In a few minutes, I'm repotting my gorgeous African violets. I never believed I would be the kind of person who grew African violets, but dang, I sure am.

I've also taken the grapes and elderberries from Forest Farm out of the dark and moved them in next to the ornamental peppers, jasmine and other goodies, til it's time to plant them.

And I'm halfway finished with the chicken coop. Although I can already tell that, this time tomorrow night, I'll have baby chicks either in the bathtub or in a box next to me on the computer table, til they're big enough to peck the dogs half crazy.

Spring's here. Who cares if it's 30 outside? That's just a temporary aberration. How do I know? I'll be mowing the lawn for the first time this season come Saturday. And the trees are leaving.


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