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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Day Seven, Garden Journal 2005

The Lion's Ear and Sorrel are already sprouting.

Monday --- or was it Tuesday? --- I started Heavenly Blue Morning Glories (old seeds, so not sure they'll come up) and Marvel of Peru. The Birdhouse Gourds are still soaking, and I'll start soaking the nasturtiums, loofah and pole beans tonight.

The new grape vines are budding. Yikes! Because it's still too early to plant them! And the new elderberries have bushed out like no one's business. Our last freeze date isn't until April, but it should be safe to put them out in a couple of weeks.

I went ahead and created entryway pots (for the front walk that I built out of bricks and pavers when I first moved in) with the yellow tea rose I got on sale a year ago and some jasmine. Both pots also got pinks --- I have tons of pinks that came originally from one of my grandmother's gardens. Cool, huh! And sage.

The jasmine will go in the ground as soon as I get new fencing --- I'll be putting a trellis over the front gate, and plant the jasmine there to grow over the trellis.

Also got the strawberries planted in large pots, and have been preparing their outdoor bed --- it needs a LOT of work, as last year's crop pretty well wore that soil out.


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