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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Day Ten (?), Garden Journal 2005

God, I'm just freaking exhausted again. I was unable to sleep last night thanks to my sleeping spree Thursday night. Now I remember why I don't oversleep.

Okay, so yesterday I planted a lantana montevidensis (?) out front in the old military ammunition box that I painted a year ago much to the horror of my cowboy neighbors. The box has three sections and is the only thing I felt safe putting mint into (given how invasive the stuff is). I had pinks from my granny's garden in the middle section but pulled them because the mint's sure enough spreading.

Someone gave me the lantana months ago. It's a different variety than I'm used to --- usually I don't like the stuff because it's so freaking invasive, as bad as mint. But supposedly this variety spreads only minimally. Plus it has lovely purple flowers, unlike the red and yellow flowers of the ordinary lantana.

I also moved my giant Boston ferns outside onto the front porch which, like most everything else I do, caused shockwaves of horror through the community (what the hell??? what the hell else does that woman have in there???).

Although the guy at the feedstore informed me yesterday that people think I'm A-Okay. From the sounds of it, if they didn't, I would have been robbed and stolen and thieved blind and harrassed and shot at and generally driven half mad til they got me out of here. You got to remember, they're all related to the sheriff and I'm not.

Actually, from what I can gather, the rumor is I'm a pothead. :=D Which I'm not. Although truth is, as far as I can figure, most everyone else here is. I'm pretty sure they think I'm a pothead because I'm such a space case. Which makes me easily startled. I think what sealed my fate in terms of my reputation was when the first round of runaway chickens were here and I was walking around front while some neighbors were driving by and I ran right into a big old rooster which caused me to scream and jump straight up in the air (as did the rooster) which led to all the neighbors laughing at me.

Didn't help that these same neighbors who are very chatty also saw me do the same thing only a few months earlier at my first sight of a big old leopard toad.

I did a bunch more gardening stuff yesterday but I can't remember any of it, thanks to my pitiful lack of sleep last night.


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