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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Day Three and a Half, Garden Journal 2005

Well, I had to chase the neighbor's horses off before I sprayed, as they were doing everything in their power to knock the fence over while acting like they weren't knocking the fence over. They're worse than goats.

After spraying, I spent the afternoon running outside to hammer on the chicken coop and starting seeds. I've not got going: Cherokee Purple Tomatoes, Thai Pink Egg Tomatoes, Garden Huckleberry, Butterfly Bush, Yellow Coneflower (echinacea), Sorrel, TONS of basil but old seeds so may not be great germination rates, Mammoth Sunflower, Nicotiniana (Indian Peace Pipe), and Lion's Ear.

Soaking in prep for planting tomorrow: Birdhouse Gourds, Loofah, Giant Moonflowers, Morning Glories, two varieties of nasturtiums and pimientoes.

Tri-color pole beans will take a few days, as I want to prepare the planting area before I get them going. I'll be growing cantelope and peas with them. And it may already be too warm to get kale in the coldframes in the greenhouse. Damn! But that's alright, as I have to fix the thing.

So a little better. Problem now, I have no freaking place to put any of it. The plant room (don't ask) is getting packed to the gills!!!


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