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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Day Three, Garden Journal 2005

First, a message to Bush:


Now, for the garden.

First, I'm well aware I skipped Day Two. But you really don't want me doing a blow by blow account of every day, do you?

My task this morning is to run to the feedstore and grab some pesticide. Yes, you heard me: pesticide. While working on the chicken coop yesterday, I caught sight of our most dreaded critter out in these parts: seed ticks.


I immediately ran inside, grabbed the K9 Advantix to treat the dogs and took a shower to dislodge any that had ended up on me.

For those of you in non-tick disease areas, count your blessings. Around here, though, tick disease is a major problem, especially as it appears we're a pocket of ehrlichiosis --- although it's possible that last year, they finally acknowledged it's a problem for this entire area. One of the fellows I work with, actually, a biology instructor, actually did years of research on the ricksettias (which include some of the tick diseases), and he was shocked to find out we have ehrlichiosis down here.

But we do. I won't go too much into it because it makes me sad --- but I lost my favorite hound to it a year or so ago. :-( For the past two years, they've issued warnings about it for the horses because so many have died from it. And we almost lost a local kid from it this past winter. He spent months in ICU and survived, but has been left barely functional. I've heard stories of others getting it, as well, but this poor kid really stuck with me.

So meticulous attention to ridding an area of ticks is a must for us.

Once I get the chickens here, they'll be a huge help, as they love ticks and are very effective at clearing them out, and fast.

But the chickens aren't here yet and this has GOT to be nipped in the bud.

So that's the main task for today. I'm also finally getting it together to start seeds this afternoon. I'm horribly embarrassed --- one of my best friends around here is already well on her way, and emailed last night saying she wanted to give me some of her starts. Dang! I have nothing to give in return! But I suppose I shouldn't feel so badly --- she and her husband are ex-certified organic farmers, so, unlike me, they actually know what they're doing.

In any case, I'm off to the feedstore and will be spraying this afternoon. None too pleased about it but I'll be damned if I get tick disease or if any of my critters do!


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