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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Hawks, maybe hawk babies, flowers: Garden Journal 2005, Day Unknown

I was cutting some forsythia in the hopes of getting it to root so I can have a mess of them to plant out front.

I glanced up and a hawk was headed right for me --- divebombing me. He (or she, I suspect) (or maybe he) narrowly missed my face, then did an elegant turn straight up and landed high in a tree to taunt me.

I think I might have some baby hawks right here in the yard. It would explain the strange noises I've been hearing which have been completely unlike all the usual bird and frog and treefrog and toad and bee and cow and horse and goat and etc noises I usually hear. So I need to find some hawk cries.

Almost as good: a lot of the echinacea is coming back. So the *^&$^ bunny didn't get the root systems. But he's still hanging around and I haven't yet completely bunny proofed that bed.

And my niagara grapes made it through the winter. They're starting to bud. In two weeks, I'll be planting the Concord and variegated grapes next to them. Maybe next year I can enjoy my first crop of homegrown grapes, although that may be a little optimistic.


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