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Friday, March 11, 2005

Sleep, Finance, Household Repair

Today is the first day of Spring Break, at least for me.

I celebrated by collapsing sometime around 7-8 p.m. last night and waking up just an hour or so ago. I'm a heavily sleep dependent person --- always have been, likely always will be. And I was starting to get pretty exhausted, which I was starting to take out on my negligent students, which is, of course, somewhat of a no no at least in professional circles. "If you haven't been here all semester, you need to drop the class now" which led to one girl bursting into hysterical sobbing and wailing for the rest of class. "Those of you who've been going to the computer labs 30 minutes before class to churn out your assignments need to be aware there's a real horse race going in this class and you're getting left behind in the dust" which caused all kinds of frantic outbursts and denials and protests from the very students doing this.


Our campus is small and I went straight to my boss and told her I was doing this and she was thrilled. Which was a relief but didn't particularly salve my guilty conscience, given my optimistic nature and my sick belief that life is more like a path through dancing daisies and singing cows than the vale of tears which of course is why I'm always being accused of not being a very realistic person.

One reason I like teaching at this place is because it's like a private college for poorly educated rural kids, and I'm not particularly bound by all the rules and regulations and red tape and all that of the huge schools. Still, it's always difficult for me to tell students how the cow ate the cabbage.

The break will be spent on financial stuff and repairing that *&%) leak in the one bathroom and shit, I hate calling plumbers esp. since the only advice I've gotten from locals is it's a potluck, they're all pretty good but don't call Kenzie, he'll take your money and you'll never see him again!

And of course sleeping and reading and building gardens and maybe even taking my little power saw and cutting down some trees which ought to cause complete outrage in a community where no one worth their salt ever leaves the house without tossing a chainsaw or two in the back of the truck.

Someday I'll tell you all about the time a big wind blew through and knocked over one of my giant hickories into the middle of the road which caused the first traffic jam in the history of the community --- five freaking trucks backed up out front --- especially as the outlet for the road a curvy mile or so down was also blocked off by a tree blown over by the big wind. The situation was solved within moments as two guys jumped out of their respective trucks with chainsaws and promptly cut that sucker up and another guy showed up with a huge trailer to haul that nice hickory off til I realized what he was doing and he stopped. There's a reason that bozo is considered the richest guy around. I then paid the guys with the chainsaws for their efforts with nice loads of hickory wood and the rest of the wood was traded for various things over the next year.

I'm so glad it's spring.


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