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Thursday, March 03, 2005


I just can't conjure it up for any kind of political or social commentary, even though the world --- well, the U.S. --- okay, the world --- is going to hell in a handbasket in no time flat.

I am exhausted, overworked, underpaid and have weird strange problems you people can't even begin to understand.

For example: I'm having to keep the large hairy four-legged beasts inside until I find someone to fix the fences --- actually, put up a new fence around the yard area. And yes, they're housebroken. But until you've had a huge German Shepherd girl doing mid-air spins in your living room, thereby knocking everything off the coffee table and a few things off the bookshelves, you haven't had trouble. Nosirree.

You don't even want to know about the dust bunnies. Jeebus!

Plus I went insane a week ago and put the huge bamboo like plants with beautiful purple flowers (during the summer, at least) outside on the front porch. I just had to clear some room out and I'm desperate to get all the plants in the plant room (don't ask) back outside. And the front porch is covered, yes and I've been covering the large unidentified bamboom like plants with purple flowers that the bees and hummingbirds love up every night, but they've still sustained major damage from the cold.

Shit. They must weigh 75 pounds each so no way I'm dragging them back in.

And it appears someone's cow has escaped and is somewhere on my property. I can hear her and I can hear signs of frantic romping about I'M FREE! FREE AT LAST!! cow activity, but I'm unable to locate the actual cow.

Doubleshit. Last time this happened, it turned into a three hour ruckus. The runaway cow was having a wonderful time and there were all kinds of huge cowboy dudes out there with their arms stretched out to the side ready to do some cow rasslin' and trying to sneak up on the cow who knew exactly what they were up to! and would let them get within a foot or two of her, then take off romping merrily away in the other direction. The old "shake the feed bucket!" doesn't work too well with runaway livestock, you know.

Why the hell do they always come over here? I mean, only have five acres, and they have a good 20 acres to romp around in.

A day or so ago, one of the pygmy goats from next door got loose and was romping around raising complete hell.

At least, it's not the neighbor's horses. Whenever the neighbor's horses escape, they come in MY yard. They have a thing about my front porch. Plus the neighbor's brother told me those horses would like nothing more than to get in the house with me. Apparently they've had some problems with them breaking into people's houses. Oh joy.

In any case, I just needed to whine a bit. After I finish my grading (ha ha!), I'll redirect my bitching at the fruitloop GOP and maybe even be witty about it.


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