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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Confessing my true feelings about turkeys

Okay, so admittedly, I just hate the domestic turkeys down the road. I find their "displays" and strutting around especially annoying. I can't figure out why these people keep them --- they never eat them and maybe, if they didn't have all these damned turkeys running around, they'd take better care of their guineas, which are always standing in the middle of the road and always getting themselves run over.

I have to say, however, the following brought a blush of pride to my cheeks --- and pointedly states the difference between those damned domestics and the wild turkeys. We may not have much going on here, but we got the meanest wild turkeys going.

Via Okiedoke:

Oklahoma Man Attacked by Turkeys:

46-year-old Will Millington says he was riding a dirt bike near the lake last weekend when he was attacked by two big toms.

Millington says he was riding through the woods when he stopped to keep from hitting the toms and a group of hens crossing the trail. The hens scattered but the two toms stayed and fought.

He says the turkeys began gobbling wildly, flaring their fans and then jumped up and slammed their bodies into him. Millington gunned the bike and the turkeys gave chase.


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