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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fascism is The New Black

I had a totally eye-opening and relevatory and somewhat earth shaking experience the other day when a friend sent me some posts from a local forum, explaining the political landscape of the nearest large city. Tulsa, to be exact.

In essence, in wannabe chic Downtown Tulsa, it's the thang (to use the colloquial) to be a fascist, and not just a fascist, but a Left Behind Christo-Fascist (even if you're Jewish or Muslim or Whatever).

The friend who sent me this info has lived for years now in a very densely populated, extremely liberal city on the West Coast (hint: it's hilly). He's been considering a move back here, in part because of economics, but also because all Okies eventually get homesick and come back, despite whatever.

It's not such a bad idea for him, not really. Housing prices in Tulsa are currently running 10-20% and more below market, and you can pick up fab real estate for almost nothing. He could sell his place in the densely populated, extremely liberal West Coast city which I refuse to name, make a killing, esp. as he bought it years ago, move here, stuff the extra in savings and whatever, and clean up.

But he's been doing his homework, and doing it so well, he's come up with info even I didn't know.

In essence, in Downtown Tulsa, fascism is The New Black. Which makes an awful lots of things make sense, especially my extreme discomfort with any number of people (some close friends) I used to know and no longer am willing to even talk to. A few of whom I've quietly, surreptitiously and without fanfare dumped without a word.

My perception of the political landscape here doesn't match this at all. But my perception is colored by my residence in the far edges of the state, in the most rural of rural areas. Even yesterday, in my classes full of rural-ites, in response to completely unrelated topics, there were ongoing outbursts of anti-Bushism, anger about the war, fury at The Oil Barons and Robber Barons, etc. Completely unsolicited by me.

Not that the wingnuts aren't out here. Believe me, they are. But I just don't ever see them or talk to them. Instead, my daily experience leads me to constantly encounter people who are very upset about this administration --- maybe they're not necessarly as liberal as I am --- but it isn't uncommon at all for me to, mmm, let's say, stop in to fill up at a local store, go in to pay, get into a conversation with the shop owner about gas prices, tell them I've read they'll be doubled by next year and $3/gal. by summer, and see them worriedly rub their faces while saying this is why I didn't want Bush in office.

You know, before my friend sent me those enlightening posts, he'd asked me for my honest assessment of Tulsa. I told him I don't go there because the city stinks (refineries) and I have nothing to talk about with most people there. I blamed my interest in education, telling him look, I spent years in school, I teach now, I'm obsessed with frogs and toads and lizards and language and invasive plant species and stuff like that, and the people I know there only want to talk about hairdos.

The real truth is, however --- and I realize this now --- they've become fascists, even the most liberal of them.

Although, of course, Sister Scorpion is entirely exempt from this critique.

There used to be more Sister Scorpions there. I think they've all left. No wonder the city's dying.


At 12:03 PM, Blogger Leila M. said...

Yaaaa I got an exception, whewww. I could, however, talk about hijabs and not hairdos (cough cough)

So show me the threads, email them to me! I absolutely MUST view the fascism!!! COME ON and forward them!

On a side note, 3 days ago I wrote an "Oklahoma sucks" poem, even though I like it here, but... there's some textured layers to the place, that's for sure...

My part of the city isn't too stinky.. stay away from the river,,,

At 12:03 PM, Blogger Leila M. said...

and come visit me!

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

Hey, Leila! :=D I was in Tulsa yesterday ... or was it the day before? But I can't bring myself to stay long! I took a bunch of stuff up to one of my nieces and thought I'd check out what used to be a pretty good grocery --- but gack! What happened? Is the whole city in economic collapse, except for the fascists?

I'll send you the posts later this evening --- my rain barrel and some strawberry plants just arrived *jumping up and down*.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger Bruce said...

cookie, you're going to have to enlighten me too, because I live in Tulsa, spend some time around downtown... but maybe its because I'm outside of most social circles, because I have no idea what you're talking about...

Relgious freaks, yeah, and overabundance of little white W stickers.. yeah, but you apprarently have some evidence that proves your claim of Tulsa being overrun by fascists... please, present.

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Cookie said...


I don't want to go into too many specifics because I may find some people annoying and, in fact, fascist --- but I'm not willing to expose them on a stupid blog.

Let me say this, though. My perceptions are based on my experiences with a number of people, most of whom live downtown and who are, in general (and it pains me to put it this way) trendies. Blowin' in the wind types.

And, although I always knew they were trendies, I never realized their trendiness extended to their political/social outlooks.

Many of these people, I simply deleted from my life a long time ago as a process of growing up. Others, however, I've had some fairly enlightening experiences with over the past couple of years. I assumed these were isolated experiences, that what they were saying to me was the result of individual whacked-ness or whatever.

Now, however, I believe they're simply following the latest fashion in their group. Which is, mind you, a very trendy group.

All that said, my sister lives in Tulsa --- and she's as far from a fascist as you can get. And I know a few others.

However, I've had enough unpleasant experiences there over the past few years that I do think it's a general trend in the city --- the trend is more intense among specific groups, yes, but it's a trend nonetheless. In particular, the group of people I once knew there are now fervently attached to some pretty noxious extreme rightwing ideologies.


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