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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Gardening Journal, Day Still Unknown

Saw my first toad of the season a few minutes ago. I'd just spent about half an hour wrangling with some bird netting and was weeding around the combination composting/potting shed attached to raised bed/grape arbor (when I first moved here, I referred to it as the rat holding pen --- long story, you really don't want to know, suffice it to say the last owners were kind of piggy).

So I was pulling out some weeds and lo and behold! A little baby toady nestled in tightly. I promptly covered him back up in weeds.

Things are now happening faster than I can keep up with out there. Mowing's begun --- I got about 3/4 an acre yesterday and maybe a third today. By push mower, mind you. You city folks may belong to gyms --- I mow!

I'm also going to strip the plastic off the greenhouse and turn it into another raised bed. The plastic has been beat to heck by the winds and storms, and the only way I can fix it is to take it off. So I'm going to start pulling it off tonight, and maybe get a bed built there tomorrow.

Damned grading! If I didn't have to grade, I could just get it done.

I also may build a permanent strawberry bed on the front deck. It's the only safe place I can think of to put it.

The noseeums are also out. Dang!!


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