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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Gardening Journal, Day Unknown

It"s just gardening mayhem here right now. I haven't yet gotten a new raised bed built, and it's leading to all kinds of problems. The minute I get the essays gradd and my taxes done, though, that bed is getting built!!

Today, I transplanted some birdhouse gourd and Marvel of Peru plants into a large container out front. Mammoth sunflowers were transplanted yesterday and I direct sowed some loofah. Three out of four of the new grape plants went outside today, but are not yet planted. I"m trying to acclimate them first.

Last night, I transplanted about twenty tomato plants and a mess of basil into a large flat. I have GOT to get the new bed built ASAP. I'll do the same tonight with some more basil, and a bunch of flowers and herbs. Then I'll start the next batches of seeds, which will include more tomatoes, some beans and melons, and herbs.

Everything is coming up. About half my echinacea survived the evil bunny. Whew! The thyme and sage are coming back gangbusters, too. I have some other stuff coming up in that bed but I can't remember what it is. !!! The Niagara grapes I planted last year are also starting to leaf out.

Way too much to do. WAY too much. But once I get it all done and get to start eating out of the garden again, every minute of this work will be worth it.


At 1:44 AM, Blogger Leila M. said...

what are you making your bed out of? I need to transplant junk too!!!!

At 6:34 AM, Blogger MJ said...

It sounds like beautiful chaos. I can picture it!


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