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Friday, April 15, 2005


Between mowing and planting and taxes and paperwork which desperately needs to be done and grading and crazed students and everything else, there just isn't time to do much else.

The autumn --- right before winter --- is pretty crazy. Plants have to be brought in, mulch scattered, delicates protected, windows reinforced, students are kind of nuts, on and on and on.

But spring is when it really gets hopping. Since about 4 this afternoon, I've mowed about 3/4 of an acre, dug a giant boulder (maybe a hundred pounds - !!) out from where I'm planting another variegated grape, snipped flowerheads off some sage, planted some more strawberries in their temp container, attached bird netting over a bed and worried over some peculiar indentations out back.

I think it might be the deer. I thought at first the horses had gotten in the yard again (*&^%$@##!!!), but I think it might be deer, which might explain all that strange noise I've been hearing about 9 pm every night.

It's a kind of cackling noise, really very similar to a human laugh. Although a medicine man once --- well, actually, several times --- warned me that the laughing sound means I got some haints looking to bother me. Around these parts, they get the shotgun and just shoot the haints. But I don't have a shotgun.


In any case, I kind of have a couple weeks off. I have minor grading this weekend --- although I have mega serious paperwork to do. ! But I really don't have any grading of substance til the first week of May.

So, maybe while I'm taking care of the planting, I'll do some blogging, too.


At 7:25 PM, Blogger MJ said...

I've missed you!

At 7:25 PM, Blogger MJ said...

I've missed you!

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

I've missed blogging, but it's been sooooo crazy!!!

Now, though, I think I have things arranged so I have a couple weeks off from grading before the final insane push (nyargh!) of nonstop grading for days ... then three (or four - ?) weeks off before summer classes start.

I need this time. I have so many good books I'm reading, so much planting to do, so many blogs (esp yours) I've missed reading. Just found out Sister Scorpion left this morning for New York for some invited event. Cool, huh? But I've been so nuts, I didn't get a chance to wish her off!!!

Thank you thank you for this little space of time!!!


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