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Monday, May 02, 2005


Okay, so my results are a little skewed because my A students are so far ahead of the rest of the students that I exempted all of them from the final paper, so that the rest of the students (most of whom complain about their grades, except the bossy busty one who was sure she was one of the exempted A students, despite having missed half the classes this semester) might have some chance of catching up.

Here's the deal. These students, who I've given such a deal to, namely the chance to get a good grade, they have until midnight tonight to send me drafts of their final papers.

Midnight tonight, right? Got it?

They've known about this for weeks now. I warned them, in fact, at least three weeks ago --- maybe a freaking month ago --- of due dates. Discussed everything in class, even gave out little handouts and group emails, etc.

Everything's due on Wednesday. And of course, it wasn't until yesterday that I realized all of them will send their drafts at 11:55 tonight, meaning I'm stuck going over a billion drafts tomorrow.

Worse, the drafts I've received so far have been hideous. THEY DIDN'T EVEN DO THE FUCKING READING. There are several readings they're required to discuss in their final papers AND ALL OF THEM SO FAR HAVE MADE UP WHAT THESE READINGS ARE ABOUT Furthermore, there are two "theories" they are to incorporate into the paper --- AND INSTEAD OF READING ABOUT THESE THEORIES, CONSIDERING CLASSROOM DISCUSSION ABOUT THEM AND WORKING ON A SHRT, BUT SUITABLE EXPLANATION OF THEM, THEY'VE MADE UP DEFINITIONS FOR THEM

I really fear for the future of our country. And when I get old and decrepit and spending my days out in the road screaming at the cows, I do NOT want these people taking care of me!


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