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Monday, May 23, 2005

Garden Blogging Number 1

Lion's Ear, Basil, Nicotiana and echinacea which survived the freeze end of April ... but which I haven't yet planted - !!!

Blueberries, clover and weeds. Next year, I'm throwing out red clover seeds everywhere.

Loofah, wild poinsettia, morning glories, cardinal flowers and some other things --- the loofah will be planted along the front fence in a week or so.

Mmm mmm strawberries! In their own bed on the front porch (which also has cilantro, a tomato plant or two, echinacea, loofah and ... can't remember. You can see the edges of a cardboard box in the background. I put cardboard boxes in all my beds. Worms loves them!

More photos in a day or so. I took these in my jammies because I haven't gotten into clothes today --- too busy painting to put on real clothes. :=D


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