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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Horsie Pictures

I'm a mowing fool right now, but I am managing to get some pictures. The quality isn't the best on a lot of them --- mind you, I'm using a digital camcorder and pulling pics off it. But a few are okay! Tomorrow, it's supposed to rai and the light is much better for daytime pics then, at least for me. So I'll get better garden photos. For now, though, here goes --- you asked for pics and you got 'em! :=D

First batch: horsies!!

Here are a couple of the neighbor's horses hiding from me beneath my tulip poplar. I love these guys --- they're just terrible, always having pretend stampedes and snorting around and bucking and rearing up. You can't see them very well --- they saw me coming with the camera and, of course, immediately got beneath the tree.

Here's the buckskin that showed up across the road a week or so ago. Isn't he gorgeous? Being a horse, though, the minute he saw the camera, he put his head down.

Here he is again.


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