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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Potatoes and such

Redneck Mother asked below if I ever think about photoblogging my gardening efforts.

Well, yes I do. The main problem is that my digicam is full, and has been for a good six months or more. And I simply haven't had the time to get everything off of it.

But I need to quickly because my first crop ever of blueberries is coming in. ! I really didn't expect this. It's not a lot --- enough for maybe a bowl --- but it's something. Two of the bushes I haven't even gotten into the ground yet. But they're fruiting.

So sometime in the next day or so, I have to get everything off the digicam so I can get pics of these lovely, not quit ripe, fat, homegrown and not even any fertilizers except a cup of coffee every day or so blueberries.

Which brings me to Sunlite low carb potatoes. Can you imagine such a thing? I found them at the store and spent a good half hour staring suspiciously at them because I was just so sure they must be genetically modified potatoes. But they're not. They're crossbred potatoes.

And I have a couple with nice big fat eyes on them. I've never grown potatoes, but those eyes have got me mighty tempted. I think i might give it a try.

And finally ... Grammydeb sent me some gorgeous pics of the plants she grew from seeds I sent her.

But my email program ate the pics. So Deb, if you're reading this, I can;t post the pics like I thought I would because they got eaten!!


At 8:37 AM, Blogger KCB said...

Empty that cam! I envy you your blueberries. Our blackberries are taking *forever* to ripen.

So if you take the carbs out of a potato, what's left? (g)

At 2:26 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

Maybe your blackberries need a little coffee? :=D

While cleaning out a closet, I found a new film cartridge ... which means I can simply switch out the cartridges til I get time to get everything off it.

So maybe this afternoon, I'll get those pics up!

And the potatoes aren't bad. They still have carbs, but i think a third less than ordinary ones. They're really not too bad. !!

At 5:17 PM, Blogger Leila M. said...

Have you tried the tire/cage potato method to grow em vertically?


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