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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Red State Values

And the parents are from the home of Tom Coburn.

Oklahoma Woman charged in girl's decapitation
Four years after a little girl's headless body was found, police identified an Oklahoma woman as her mother and charged her Thursday in the murder of the child who became known as Precious Doe.

Police said it was the girl's stepfather who actually killed her with a kick to the head and then used hedge clippers to sever her head. He was being questioned in Muskogee, Okla.

Police said it was a tip that let them identify Erica Michelle Maria Green, who was almost 4.

"The little girl that we've known for four years as Precious Doe finally has a name," Police Chief James Corwin said.

Erica's body was found near an intersection on April 28, 2001. Days later, her head was found nearby, wrapped in a trash bag.


According to police, Johnson and her husband were with Erica in Kansas City when he delivered the fatal kick. Police said Johnson told them the couple let the girl lay motionless for two days, deciding not to seek medical care because there were warrants out for their arrests.

The mother told police her husband later used hedge clippers to cut off the girl's head. They discarded the pieces in a wooded area and a trash bin, according to a probable cause statement.


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