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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Where have I been, where have I been ...


It's been an unusual convergence of circumstance.

First, a friend said to me a year or so ago "Well, I'm going to write my book now." I said great! and thought nothing more about it. Mind you, this is not someone who's ever written before or been known for writing or has a background in it or whatever.

So, last weekend, she called to tell me she'd sent out query letters a week or so ago and BOOM, right off the bat, a very excellent publisher --- a very excellent one --- accepted her book and wants this, this and this from her. Which is great, of course. But what does it have to do with me?

I've been helping her with the this, this and this.

Which doesn't sound like such a big deal except I've also somehow ended up trying to help someone else find funding for writing a book. I mean, like I know anything about that. Because I don't. But it's not something I can turn down, due to other circumstances, and it's for a very good cause, so it's worthy of my attention.

But those things wouldn't be enough to completely sidetrack me were it not that August arrived a few months early. Good gawd, it's been steamy hot, which wouldn't be that big a deal except try mowing in it and --- worse --- try finish painting the inside of the house in it when you don't use the central air con because it sounds like an airplane taking off and sucks electricity and you're trying to save your nickels and dimes for: 1. new gutters; and, 2. a sleeping porch out back.

So I have a small window air conditioner and a giant fan in the living room with drapes pulled --- but I'm painting in the un-air conditioned areas. Meaning I paint for about 20 minutes before becoming completely drenched in sweat and having to come back in the living room to cool off and down gallons of tea and water.

We won't get into how the mowing's going right now.

Add on several unexpected phone calls from dearly loved friends I haven't talk to in a while which have ended up going on for hours on end. And a day lost because I ODed on coffee --- me who used to drink a pot or two of coffee for breakfast now can barely handle a cup of the stuff.

And I got involved in the pie wars on Kos. I got really really pissed at the feminists. Really pissed at them. Because I'm anti-censorship in the first place, but more important, yes, there are awful things happening in America to women, but this isn't Afghanistan or Darfur, and to claim the vague malaise and angst of middle class white American women is as torturous as the horror suffered by rape victims in Africa is to trivialize the very real abominations going on in this world.

And the whole thing had me too pissed to write too sensibly.

There are other things going on. But the most important thing for me that's emerged from all of this is that I'm way overbooked. I've known that for a while. But when a person barely has time to take care of their own business and when just the slightest convergences in a schedule can throw someone completely off, it's time to rethink things.

I seem to have to do this a lot. But I'm going to have to do it again. I know my scheduling is a bit funny because I'm doing so much work here, and that occupies a huge amount of time. But still ....


At 6:24 PM, Blogger MJ said...

OK. I'm happy now.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

:=D I'm glad.


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