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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


So I've been spending every single waking moment at Go Fug Yourself. Okay, not every single waking moment, but since around 2:00 a.m. this morning. I couldn't sleep because I spent yesterday trapped in front of a computer formatting for my possibly soon to be published friend (OMG! OMG!) and out of frustration stuffed myself with bad pizza and two giant pieces of cheesecake and even smoked five cigarettes and when I got home last night, I thought I was gonna die. So I stayed up reading Go Fug Yourself.

Which brings me to something else. One of the advantages of my inability to get television out here because I refuse to waste huge amounts of money on stupid cable --- one advantage is I had no idea how bad fashion had gotten. Sheesh, I though all those chickies at the local bait shop slash barbeque slash laundromat were meth heads. And now, I find out they're dressed in the latest fashions?

I am so out of it.

In any case, tonight I'm going out of town. Well, I go out of town a few nights a week to teach, but this time I'm going out of town even further after I go teach. I know all you all have been on these adventurous trips to New York and Denver and even other countries, but me, I consider going to the nearest large city --- okay, not the nearest because the nearest large city is actually in Arkansas --- but a city nearby for the night after I teach tonight.

I just think this is so daring of me. I mean, I'm actually leaving my tomatoes for the night, and the dogs!!!! Oh my gawd!

But I am. All of which brings me to a shameful revelation.

I am so incredibly dull. My idea of daring fashion is to wear green shoes. Although my forgetting to brush my hair for a month is apparently in vogue. I can't eat gourmet pizza, cheesecake makes me sick and I don't like going out of town because "What about the tomatoes?"

In any case, Sister Scorpion, I'm not calling you this trip because I'm going but have to turn right around and come back because of the tomatoes. (embarrassing). But after the tomatoes are gone, i'll be calling you.

And I still haven't processed all that footage.


At 2:50 PM, Blogger KCB said...

Enjoy your trip out of town; I'll keep my claws crossed for your tomatoes.

Oh, and thanks a lot for the Go Fug Yourself link, which is how I've whiled away this drizzly naptime. It's like watching a series of train wrecks, no? Addictive.

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Leila M. said...

Ahh dammit, I knew it was going to be HERE. unfair, totally unfair.

Come again on friday? GREEN PARTY STUFF, COOKIE!

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Cookie said...

I L-U-V the go fug yourself site. I honestly had no idea people were such stupid dressers.

Aa for coming back up, :ei;a --- no way! Obviously, yu've figured that out, given it's late Friday. But again in a month or so maybe??


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