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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I now have an office

See what a few days of refusing to answer the phone and acting like you knew NOTHING about those meetings will get you?

I've almost completely finished painting the floor in the office. Oh sure, there's floor paint on the walls, but I'll just have to clean that up over the next few months.

But first, I've got to get the office out of the kitchen. Meaning I've got to move the computer off the kitchen table.

The office is also becoming a little exercise room slash guest bedroom. I'm moving my yoga mat back there and my stairmaster.

I'm keep the rack for drying clothes and the ironing board in there. There's really nowhere else to put them, except in the giant bathroom, and they work best in the office (at least for now) so ... they stay.

All I really have to do back there now (besides finishing the floor and cleaning up) is finish getting the wallboard off that one area. I'm working on turning the framing there into sort of shelves. More importantly, that room is way too shut off. By getting that wallboard off, the space will be opened up and much more pleasant.

Next: I finish the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom floors (yes, two different floors, two different sets of problems), and paint the foyer area between the office and the living room.


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