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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tallying the end of summer

Who cares what the calendar says --- we're having our first fall-like rains, and what a relief, given we're also in the middle of a drought and have been declared a disaster area.

Hm. Parallelism or not? Ah, who gives a shit.

More important, classes start this week, meaning I go back to work.

And I haven't even begun to finish all my summer projects. I got the floors halfway done, but not all the way. I didn't even touch the ceilings. I'm still scheming on moving the greenhouse, building more beds and tearing down the fencing up front. And then there's the sleeping porch. And the not even halfway built patio. And pathways. And that barn, the damned barn. And gutters, always the gutters.

I also gained ten-fifteen pounds because of the heat and drought. And quitting smoking. So much for getting back into my jeans.

But I did manage to get grapes established --- the Niagara from last year have gone totally mad! And the variegated and Concord vines I planted this year not only survived unusual and prolonged heat and drought, but look sturdy enough that they'll make it through winter, no problem. And my ongoing project, getting the naturalized passion flower here going all along the fencelines, is going well, as is getting loofah established all along the front fence. Although the domestic elderberry hasn't yet made it into the ground. And two blueberries are still in pots.

I got two lilacs in the ground, though. But my attempts to root forsythia failed.

I also made it through the entire season using pesticides only twice: once at the beginning of the season and once a few weeks ago, because of velvet ants. As a result, I'm drowning in butterflies, dragonflies, bumblebees, little honeybees. The skinks and the toads and the frogs are thrilled.

I got myself in the habit of scooping out my bathwater and the rinsewater from the washer for watering. I haven't yet figured how to set up a greywater system, but I am cultivating some awesome triceps from carting around 5 gallon buckets of greywater.

I also got myself in the habit of using my sun oven.

And I didn't use the dryer once. Not one time. Not once since last March.

So here's the plans for fall:

1. Plant trees across the front and along one side. Plant a combination of quick growers and slow to establish. Plant as privacy screens and for fruits and nuts. So far, the list has black walnut, pecan, hickory --- absolutely NO BRADFORD PEAR, though. Enough with the damned Bradford pear. Although I might get a crabapple. And I would love to get another yellow poplar (tulip tree) going. And some catalpa.
2, Bushes. Plant more lilacs and forsythia. The forsythia out back which nearly died first year i was here are now almost ten feet tall. Must have more of them!
3. I have got to get the back porch built.
4. At least two more beds. Expand the combination compost shed slash raised bed slash grape arbor. Move greenhouse out back.
5. Gutters!
6. Earth oven --- need to begin scheming on this ....


At 11:28 AM, Blogger MJ said...

Now I see why you can't write, Earth Mother, although you did write, didn't you? God. You are amazing.


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