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Sunday, September 25, 2005

All's well ...

... family safe from Rita --- in fact, I probably got more rain from Rita than they did. And I am hugely relieved and now just want everyone to leave the coasts and move here, where they only have to deal with tornadoes and Tom Coburn. Although Inhofe might be reason to just leave the country. Gad, could anyone be more corrupt? In any case, thanks to you worryworts out there. It's a tremendous relief to know I'm not the only person who gets nervous about these things.

Now, for news from the Cookie Ranch: there isn't much. We began getting the remnants of Rita yesterday around four or five p.m., and she moved out maybe three a.m. We desperately needed the rain. Now, though, I fear we're back to square one atmospherically speaking --- it's six a.m. and already a heaty muggy swamp out there.

Come on, weather gods, cut this shit out! It's almost October! Enough of the 90+, almost 100 degree nonsense! Enough already!

I began ordering trees yesterday. I got three small shagbark hickories, an Indian currant and some more lilac. Found this great place just a few miles northwest of me which sells a huge variety of oaks, including live oaks --- Imagine backyard Trees. See, I have the remnants of oak-hickory forest here and there are some areas around me which are still relatively pristine oak-hickory forest. So I'm trying to plant, keeping that in mind. I've got some ornamentals going, mostly crepe myrtles I get on sale, and i will be putting up maybe two privacy/windbreaks. For the most part, though, I'm trying to restrict my tree planting to good native trees. Specifically oak and hickory. Although I'll also be planting pecan. Which is also native.

The fall garden is a joke. I'm having to really hammer the students this semester, and it's taking up all my time and energy. So I've gotten nothing but some more basil planted, although I do still have tomatoes coming in. Some other things are finally coming in, though ...

like the loofah ...

and the lion's ear ...

and the moonflowers ...

It's amazing that with all this, it's still such a huge mess here. I wish I would have had the good sense to take pictures when I first moved here. The place was completely trashed. I mean, a foot or so of trash everywhere. So the improvement here is enormous. Still, I look around sometimes and think that this is impossible. But I just have to keep at it, I suppose.

I really wish i would have taken pics before I got started, though. Then I could go back to them and see how very different it already looks here. This is a downright rural reclamation project.


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