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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Aunt Sally's Pralines

Omigod, my dad used to go into Louisiana all the time to go fishing and hunting, and he and my mom always took any vacation they could get away from us to New Orleans, and we kids were always thrilled when my dad --- or both my dad and mom --- would go, not only because it meant a bit of respite from parental discipline, but because ...

... it meant little frozen crawfish pies and pralines from Aunt Sally's,

Which are truly the best pralines in the world. Once you've had Aunt Sally's, nothing else will do.

Sitting on a shelf here, in fact, is an ancient box from Aunt Sally's which still has some smaller cardboard boxes inside, each of which once held a praline.


Mmmmm. I know what I'll be getting everyone for the holidays, once they're up and running again. No one should go thrugh an entire life without relishing a real live praline.


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