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Thursday, September 01, 2005

They requested assistance ...

... for evacuations last Friday.

But Bush was busy doing whatever it is Bush does.

Funding for the levees was cut in 2002, ending 37 years continuous work on those levees and ending important repairs. Bush after all had some Eyerakees to kill for his bloodthirsty constituents.

And of course all the warnings that this wasn't an if but when were ignored. I mean, they conflicted with what Bush's corporate sponsored "scientists" had to say.

And while people were screaming for help, while they were fighting for their lives, Bush was playing the guitar with some unknown country western yahoo.

Meanwhile, the "compassonate conservatives" have decided those left behind in New Orleans and Mississippi are kind of --- well, whiney. Why don't they shut up? What's wrong with them? No doubt, all those years on welfare are at fault for their inability to go three days without food and water. They're so --- so --- annoying.

And of course, the unspoken subtext is they're Black. And we Republicans don't like Black people very much, the welfare hogs, how dare they interrupt our Barcalounger comfort and viewing of the 700 Club! HOW DARE THEY?? Why we'd all be better off if those nig- er, people just shut up and died!

This is what we are being governed by. These are the people running our country.


At 8:54 AM, Blogger MJ said...

Don't we recognize "blaming the victim" when we see it? The reports of people escaping the chaos in their SUV 's and refusing to take stranded people to safety with them are horrifying.

On AMERICAblog.com
href="http://americablog.blogspot.com/2005/09/primetime-live-dull-dull-dull.html">Michael from New York points out a report on Primetime Live
which, thankfully, critiques one way that racism is being perpetuated during this disaster.
He talks about "...wire service photos showing people taking food from a grocery store. One with black people was labeled as "looters" while the one with white people was labeled "people who found bread and water."

Post-hurricane New Orleans has painted a pretty clear picture of the racial divide. How can we tolerate it? By allowing ourselves to believe it is "their" fault.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger Cookie said...

Rhe conservative respnse to this has been horrifying. On Free Republic, posters were saying the people left in New Orleans would be more useful if they were lamp shades.

I always suspected these jackasses were secret KKK worshippers, but the past few days have proven it --- and not just what's on the television --- what these people are saying themselves. LAMP SHADES????? A clear reference to Hitler and the concentration camps.

We have been taken over by raving incompetent luncatics.


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