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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cultural Icon Ruth Siems Dies

Although truth be known, I was never a fan of Stovetop Stuffing. And it was rarely, if ever used, while I was growing up.

I prefer cornbread stuffings made with sausage and lots of homegrown sage. And I grew up on wild rice stuffing. The wild rice was always cooked with the giblets and neck, then blended with old breads, celery, onion, sage and that secret Mother Ingredient which she never revealed.

But turkey was never a given in our family. One Thanksgiving, the centerpiece for the meal was prairie chicken stuffed with hominy. Mmmm. That was a memorable meal.

The elk chili incident is probably best forgotten, although i suppose it was good --- for elk.

My sister's been put in charge of the cooking this year and will be making wild rice dressing. I consdered making a casserole of cornbread dressing, but decided hey --- she's the one who's volunteered and she's determined to make wild rice dressing, so I'll just let her. I'm not sure yet what my contribution will be, although I'm leaning toward cranberry orange relish --- it's so easy to make and so yummy. Just put the cranberries through the grinder, and chill with lots of fresh orange juice and sugar.

It's a shame Ms. Siems died before this year's national celebration of her life's accomplishment.


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