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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


While my hands are recovering, I'm plotting on and beginning still more projects.

First, I'm repainting my entire place. That lovely sand color with a bit of rose in it that I was so certain was the right color, if I would just finish painting the place has turnd out to be pink. Really pink. It feels like a bordello in here. And it's got so much red in it that it's interrupting my REM sleep. So I've chosen a neutral Navajo white. Let's hope it works.

I haven't gotten my gutters yet, but that will happen in the spring. i've already hired someone. They'll also be helping me put up the back porch (finally).

And the plumber will be by to divert my laundry and bath water to a container in the backyard, for use in watering.

Then, of course, there's all my solar projects. Ah, the joys of no building codes! I'll begin by geting the computer completely solar powered. Next, I hope by next summer to run the air conditioner completely off solar. Once I've accomplised those two projects (although I may go with getting the refrigerator and DVD off solar, as well), I'll start trying to figure out hot water. I'm undecided whether to go solar or tankless.

And finally, of course, there are the gardens. I gave the trash dude some seeds last year from heirloom plants. He's so excited about them that he's giving me raspberry plants this year. !!! So in addition to a blueberry patch, I'll be getting a raspberry patch going. I'm also building new beds for elderberries (which never got planted this year), beans and gourds.

And trees. Always with the trees. A privacy screen or two will also go in, come spring --- I already have the trees and bushes for them, but haven't yet figured out the exact placement.

At least my thumbs have been cooperating in the planning. :=D


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