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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Tulsa school system is disguising the number of assaults on teachers

Ar least according to KTUL, a local television station.

It doesn't surprise me at all. I'm quite sure, however, that the Republican extremists who've taken over the city are blaming it on "those" people. You know --- the ones who lack lily white skin, perfect good ole boy diction and requisite local pedigree (<--- read: healthy bank account or descent from the local "good" families). The Mexicans and Blacks, in other words.

And while it is true that the number of Hispanics in the city has skyrocketed in recent years and gangs have become a very real problem, I've had enough runins with the products of these schools to know ethnicity has nothing to do with it. With the exception of one, every student I have had serious problems with has been white. And more than a few have come from so-called "prominent" families.

The moneybags in Tulsa, the local leaders, will not acknowledge that the real problem is the culture these kids are coming from. For one, most of the schools in Tulsa really suck. They suck because the powers that be pay lip service to the importance of education, but are really more concerned with funding the high school football teams. Teachers are paid an unbelievably bad wage. And there is little incentive for students to read or work math problems or wonder about Orion.

Instead, the people who've taken over Tulsa shove religion down everyone's throat, believing that their punitive God is adequate to the task of child rearin'.

I'm sorry, but their punitive God exists only in their fantasies, only in their dreams of being the superior breed. These local leaders and their minions deserve their punitive God because they are, at heart, sociopaths. They share among their ranks those who shove under the rug that they're descendants of the men who burned Greenwood, who lynched unknown numbers of their fellow Black citizens, who decimated America's Black Wall Street. They share in the brotherhood of those who sit in the local fine dinin' establishments whispering about "the Jews" and worse.

You can't rell me it doesn't happen because I've heard them. I've sat with them listening to their whispers about "the Jews". I've even had them brand me a Jew.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, they're counting their money and slipping drinks --- or crank --- on the side or pretending their children aren't huffing. They threaten the teachers who catch their children plagiarizing and cheating.

And then they blame the teachers, who they expect to clean up their messes.

Is it any wonder that their children are out of control?


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