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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

You just don't even want to know

And it's not even that it's so dramatic or anything.

It's just that I've somehow managed to come up with a crop of the most ... AWFUL ... students imaginable. I'll manage to rise above one eruption, only to have another even more bizarre one bubble up.

Today it was the four nurse wannabes having snitfits in class because they're barely literate, they can't follow instructions, but they want As anyway because they're so sure they deserve it besides which I don't know what the hell I'm talking about because nursing school is easy!

< me banging head on the floor because I don't even have the strength anymore to crawl onto the nearest sofa and drink myself into a stupor>

The members of the Gang of Four, to a person, have already purchased their extremely expensive SUVs in anticipation of the $90,000+ or so they're sure they're going to make as soon as they become nurses which they assume is a certainty because hey it's easy, right?


These people are wearing me out. But see, that's the point. The Gang of Four is composed of adults, no less, so they know EXACTLY what they're doing. They're quite certain if they just go after me from all angles, I'll finally give up and present them with As for their trouble for not even bothering to follow the instructions half the time not to mention their complete inability to write a single comprehensible sentence with absolute no indication of anything even beginning to resemble clearly demarcated end of sentence punctuation.

So their writing look kind of like this it go on and on and on the sentence never end and there are no subject verb agreement and quite often not even a clearly discernible subject and/or verb {your choice which is missing} but they want A anyway.

Or maybe they think I should give them As for their creative uses of the semicolon.; Get; thepicture;.

< considering the peace awaiting me after I fling myself out the window>

As for the job --- I have never been so completely unqualified for any job in my life. The salary was absolutely fabulous, however, so --- much like my little nurse wannabes --- I actually considered doing everything possible to get the job because I figured it would take them at least a year to figure out how completely unqualified I was for it, and by then I would have stashed thousands into a nice savings account with high interest and i could spend the rest of my life being a hobby farmer!

Oh woohoo!

An ethical dilemma indeed! And one which I narrowly avoided plummeting into the abyss of - mmm, of - of let's say SATAN! :=D (I mean, this IS Oklahoma!). So after half a day of considering whether I could get away with such blatant lying on my resume and actually fool them long enough to get a nice bank account going ... I decided no way I could pull it off.

Which made the hellions I'm currently dealing with look even more horrible.

Really. They make me fear for the future of this planet.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger MJ said...

I can so relate.


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