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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Admission: I haven't taken a bath since last Tuesday night

And I've been sleeping in the same clothes --- an ancient velour black turtleneck which I've always favored because it makes me feel like a beatnik and the quasi-fashionable grey running pants --- , in other words, my beloved threadbare painting clothes.

It has nothing to do with depression, although that's the typical reaction I get whenever I do this.

It has to do with the mission quality of my life right now. Everything Is A Mission. Every Move I Make Is Purposeful.

On Wednesday, I canceled all my Friday classes, floored the car home and put my painting clothes on. I then began painting, determined to finish before classes begin again in January. I moved furniture from one side of the room to the other then back again then to the middle then to the kitchen then to the hallways. I've been teetering on ladders, pulling cans of beets and tart red cherries (unsweetened) off shelves, slapping paint here and there and everywhere and back again.

I've been painting to Kurosawa's Ran and Seven Samurai, as well as Supersize Me!, Igby Goes Down and the first I, Claudius.

Now the noxious pink walls which had infected my life, which had overstimulated my exhausted neurons and stem cells with all their red redness, which had created a horrible hellish "hotness" to my entire home --- now, nearly all of it has disappeared under layers of sedate, neutral, appropriate, pedestrian Navajo White.

I'll admit, I was sorely tempted by the color schemes in Meet The Fockers. I even have cans and cans of shocking pinks, darings blues, glaring greens, sueded oranges and worse, all purchased for $3 over the last year off the reject paint shelves of the local Lowes.

But the pink was so bad, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I settled for painting the kitchen cabinets a pleasant palish blue-green, a very old fashioned color which if you look closely enough, you can see in various rooms throughout the original Peyton Place.

The movies are the only place to find great color schemes.

The rest of the wild paints will go to painting much of the extremely pedestrian but functional furniture I've acquired in recent years. Most of it prefab and functional, but dullsville, man, seriously dullsville. So the steel topped cabinet which I use to make coffee and tea and to chop garlic and squeeze lemons and oranges and when they're in season ruby reds from Texas is fixing to be transformed from the silliest faux wood (except its steel top) to dashing red and bright blue and screaming yellow and some pink and green, too.

But that's not all. Even better, the heavy drapes I got for energy conservation which looked so good in the store and are made of a gorgeous almost Turkish kind of woven fabric but which acquired an almost imperial quality once up have been replaced by handsewn barkcloth curtains made with fabric I've been purchasing for two years now, just because. Because I really liked this fabric. You see, some of that student loan repayment money I've been putting aside has actually been going to one of my secret passions: cool fabrics.

Today in celebration of only having two more rooms to paint, including a tiny bathroom which I will go ahead and paint wildly maybe although I'll probably repaint again maybe --- today, I'm taking a bath and washing my painting clothes.

And tomorrow, I start it all over again.


At 8:13 PM, Blogger KCB said...

This sounds like fun to me. I painted a lot of our previous house with homemade colors cobbled together from the paint shed at the recycling center. It was a painting adventure, I tell you. You gonna post pics when all is painted and done?

At 8:38 AM, Blogger Cookie said...

I cobble paints together, too. I'm glad to know other people do it!

It hadn't occurred to me to check recycling centers --- although I was told about $1/gallon paint at a store which I refuse to name (at least until I clear out all their $1/gal paint :=D ).


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