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Sunday, December 11, 2005

As for our current political state of mind ...

I dunno ...

Part of it is burnout, I know.

Part of it is the simple need for survival --- I have a lot of things I want to do, so I need to live a very long time and I have to find ways to do that without becoming yet another booted to the street scraggly grey haired old lady living in a cardboard box. So much of my energy is going to that.

But part of it is also some disenchantment with many progressives.

It comes as no surprise to me, for example, that progressives would rather listen to dolled up fellow progressives speaking in terms they understand than to real live Indians. The Ward Churchill matter was proof enough for me, but I've run into it in even more noxious terms in recent months.

That strikes me as emblematic of many of the problens with liberalism in today's world. It's also a key reason why so many Indian people I know consider themselves totally unrepresented --- and have no love for liberals.

This has really turned me off. If progressives can't get the simple message that they need to listen to the actual people, be they poor, Indian, whatever, instead of clownish knockoffs of the real thing, what's the point really?

And isn't this proof that while Republicans have come to be representative of only the wealthy, then Dems and progressives have become representative only of well educated suburban whites? The Latte Drinking charge?

In other words, I find myself finding myself with less and less in common with many progressives.

But I still hold progressive values and still believe a liberal agenda is much less texic to our wellbeing than the extremist Republican agenda.

But I'm still cogitating on it all. So that's why I just don't have a lot to say about it all right now.


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