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Sunday, December 18, 2005


The graing was over Friday. I managed to get it done and get the grades turned in.

And some were frighteningly horrible and awful and some were better than my wildest expectations and the plagiarist was the only one thank god because this year I spent nearly two weeks warning them although one other person came close.

So I got the grades turned in Friday afternoon --- then got sick as a dog late Friday night, which is how I spent most of yesterday. Very very woozy.

So I crashed out last night and didn't wake up until just a few minutes ago. I was having the best dream, too --- about beatniks and wild 1950's style art and big city downtowns and hepcats.

I also had the best idea when waking up about where to move the bed and what to put on top of it and how to get around the fact that it already stands like 4' tall.

In any case, this was the worst grading yet. I spent from Wednesday night until Friday straight grading and I'm paying for it now.


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