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Friday, March 25, 2005

It's not that I've abandoned you all completely ...

Or that I've left behind the political ...

I've been following the Schiavo case, Social Security, all the nuttiness going on.

But I'm especially distracted right now.

One of the things that's going on, in addition to my brother and the inevitable chaos and the natural stages of mourning, and in addition to the chaos of students and the end of the semester careening at us and all the panicking, and in addition to seeds desperate to be planted in beds which haven't been built yet ...

In honor of my brother, I'm taking a physics approach to his death.

I mean, he wasn't quite a physicist, but close, but I'm not going to tell you what because that would be telling you too much and it really isn;t any of your business anyway, now is it? Fess up! It's not.

But he was close enough to it that it works and he had a professed inclination to Hinduism.

So in addition to The Tivetan Book of the Dead and the companion book, Luminous Emptiness, I'm preparing to hunker down in books on physics, St Thomas Aquinas, how materialism sucks and how physics can prove it and what all this has to do with not simply Buddhism, but Hinduism.

My brother would be pleased.

Although I'm still pissed at him.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Negligent Blogger

Okay, you all are just going to have to bear with me because there's just so much stuff going on.

On top of everything else, there's students panicking because they're catapulting right into the end of the semester. And of course, I'm panicking along with them.

Then there's all kinds of strange and interesting outdoor things going on, the latest being SOME REALLY SCARY TRACKS out back. Huge. Not bear. But maybe wolf or wild cat, although it's looking like wolf.

And yes, we have wolves here. We have everything here, but none of you all know that and that's exactly how we want to keep it.

Shoot, I didn't know we had wolves here til one ran right in front of my car just about a year ago. Let me tell you, they are HUGE.

So there's the huge scary tracks right behind my place which I ever would have seen had I not put in septic which resulted in me having absolutely no ground cover right now for half the backyard area and it's been raining so the ground is really soft and you wouldn't believe how big these tracks are. Jiminy!

And of course there's all the family stuff going on.

So I will likely be a begligent blogger for another week. Of course, every time I say that, I start posting up a storm. I doubt that happens now, though --- I'm just way too busy.

So bear with me. I'll be back in a few days.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Whatever it was that needed to be done ...

... it was done.

As you can probably imagine, it's been marathon talking around here, especially as all the predictable catastrophes which always surround death have been breaking out everywhere.

Whatever the case, much of my interest in near death experiences came about because my sister had one --- a negative one --- she saw what she described as hell.

Which reminds me I have GOT to start editing my posts. Jeez. But who has the time?

In any case, I knew the NDE was a profound experience for her, and I also knew she's been depressed for a long time. But I thought her depression was due to her health --- the childbirth during which she had the NDE was a real booger, very rough on her --- and she's had some other health problems since.

I also thought she'd suppressed the memory of the NDE.

But she hadn't forgotten.

And yes, I've been kind of manipulatively needling her about it, acting like she'd never told me about it and telling her about everything I've been reading about them and wow this and wow that!

And yesterday she burst out about the NDE and how it had turned her life upside down and how she's been profoundly depressed ever since. Which of course I knew but which of course I dfidn't put two and two together about. She's been on her sofa at home crying ever since, which is also largely related to my brother, but is also because of her NDE and facing it and finally after all this time dealing with it.

I predict a very positive outcome for her.

In any case, that was my intention in going after the NDEs, gathering the info and focussing myself on them and needling her into admission and acceptance of what had happened --- and my mission is now accomplished. I may post more on them, but probably not.

Well okay, probably I will. But not for a while.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

It wasn't ...

... a mild illness gone mad which killed my brother.

I don't want to go into details but I will say he'd been sick for a while.

Bargaining bargaining bargaining, and late nights spent saying prayers for the dead.

Hawks, maybe hawk babies, flowers: Garden Journal 2005, Day Unknown

I was cutting some forsythia in the hopes of getting it to root so I can have a mess of them to plant out front.

I glanced up and a hawk was headed right for me --- divebombing me. He (or she, I suspect) (or maybe he) narrowly missed my face, then did an elegant turn straight up and landed high in a tree to taunt me.

I think I might have some baby hawks right here in the yard. It would explain the strange noises I've been hearing which have been completely unlike all the usual bird and frog and treefrog and toad and bee and cow and horse and goat and etc noises I usually hear. So I need to find some hawk cries.

Almost as good: a lot of the echinacea is coming back. So the *^&$^ bunny didn't get the root systems. But he's still hanging around and I haven't yet completely bunny proofed that bed.

And my niagara grapes made it through the winter. They're starting to bud. In two weeks, I'll be planting the Concord and variegated grapes next to them. Maybe next year I can enjoy my first crop of homegrown grapes, although that may be a little optimistic.

I think you're absolutely wonderful, but ...

The classic deadly opening of the Dear John (or Jane) letter, conversation, email, whatever.

And continuing one of the subthemes of the week: is it worth it? To which I respond hell, no, I'd rather hang around with the chickens as the anti-millionaire (which will be a post at some time in the future, which you can count on me doing just as much as you counted on me exposing the oil-agribusiness connection, not to mention the culture of oil, and a step by step guide to homemade solar, and everything else I've promised but as is true to my nature [which is kind of flakey and mercurial] got bored with thinking about and went on to other things) (anti-millionaire being the only thing that pops right in mind which notes in any way our masochistic insistence that we all must be millionaires and world famous before we can hop off the hamster wheel).

Except sometimes the Dear John (or Jane) isn't forthcoming, and you're expected to have the grace and dignity to know you've been dumped like five pounds of potatoes.

Except some people are simmering little stewpots who sometimes explode into righteous rage and fury and begin hunting you down --- or they're bitter English professors who wait til you're down and out or (even better) dead to excoriate you in print for your failure to cater to their delicate sensibilities.

Majikthise at Freiheit und Wissen points us to this: Terry Castle whines and prisses about Susan Sontag and famous people.