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Friday, April 29, 2005

Even better ...

I trotted myself right back outside to get a better look at the chickens.

No sign of them. But there are scissor-tailed flycatchers out there, and it appears they may be scoping it out here to nest.

And even better ... the hummingbirds have arrived. Just saw my first one of the season --- a beautiful luminescent green.

Some days, I just don't even want to know ...

I went outside to begin planting the strawberries and getting the plastic off the greenhouse ...

... and discovered my old barn is filled with huge white chickens. Okay, so there's only four of them --- but they're huge, like mutant space chickens.

And no, I really have no idea what they're doing there.

Tossing Strauss into the brew

I woke up this morning just hurting all over to beat the band. I had a moment's concern --- oh dear, now on top of everything else, I'm dying --- then remembered that mowing season has begun. And this is what happens when you spend the day hauling a mower up and down hills, and up and down hills, across gentle slopes and speeding down the flats.

This time of year, I keep the blade very high and mow relatively slowly, so as to allow escape time for the bunnies, skniks (spelt backward to protect me from googling students who've been assigned to research them for extra credit), various anaibihpma and selitper (ditto) [including the dreaded tiny three inch long Tyrannosaurus Rex and the strange gorfeert that looks like black mold]. Over the past couple of years, I've gotten pretty good at identifying imminent escape. There will be a slight rustle ahead, then signs of skittering or hauling ass, depending on the critter. Some, like bunnies, will take off running, then freeze in place, thinking you can't see them if they're real still. When that happens, I head off to another area til the bunny (or whatever) unfreezes and gets themselves resituated in a safe spot.

So I managed to rouse myself and, while drinking my morning coffee and eating breakfast (a lovely avocado [yes, I know, but they're tasty] with a tad of fresh squeezed lime and a mess of chopped cilantro), I went blog-hopping ....

... and found this reference at Seeing the Forest to a great slice and dice of Leo Strauss at Billmon.

Hmmm, pretty good, although not at all comforting. It's worrisome to me that I'd concluded some similar things concerning the underlying motivations of the current reigning power --- you know, a fondness for feudalism and monarchal style hierarchy enforced by religious dictum [The King is The King because God Says So!, that sort of thing], the takedown of the Enlightenment, etc ad nauseam. As long as it was just me thinking it, I could dismiss it as illogical and unlikely. I'm not terribly politically savvy, after all, and I definitely have my flights of fancy.

Apparently, however, it's not just me thinking it. Damn!

In any case, it's a really excellent read, and Billmon has done a nice job of bringing Strauss and his minions down to a comprehensible level.

I really wish Majikthise would do a Strauss post.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Unless I'm seeing things ...

I can see the very beginnings of blueberries on my bushes.

Woah. I didn't expect them to really start producing for another year or so.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Smackdown: Cookie vs. The Imperial Dragon Mahon

I hereby challenge Dennis Mahon, former KKK Imperial Dragon and highranking official with White Aryan Resistance, currently employed as a security guard in Tulsa to a psychological bitchslap fight.

Loser publicly acknowledges White Supremacy is a completely lame and doofus ideology, rife with Beavis and Butthead material. Winner basks in the knowledge that White Supremacy is so lame that even Beavis and Butthead won't touch it.

The challenge will occur in three stages:
1. Handjive competition;
2. Naming varieties of tomatoes and their most desirable cultivation;
3. Spelling bee;
4. Idiolectology, or idjit-speak.

The challenged has until Midnight Thursday to answer, or forfeits his rights to trumpet White Supremacist ideology anywhere in the state of Oklahoma.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

More on Tulsa Imperial Dragon/Security Guard

... right now, I think it's just we all want to overthrow the government and get a state of our own.

A former Kansas City Ku Klux Klan leader also says the movement today is not for "wimps."

"After the bomb went off in Oklahoma City, the White Knights completely collapsed," said Dennis Mahon, who now lives in Tulsa, Okla. "They shut down the post-office box, they shut down the hot line. They were scared to death. They just went down the hidey hole."

The militia movement went into hiding after the bombing, Mahon said. He said now a different strategy is needed.

"There'll be a time when we can go ahead and go with leadership movements," he said. "But right now, I think it's just we all want to overthrow the government and get a state of our own. There's many ways to do that. It's called small cells and lone wolfism."

And we should support businesses which hire security guards with these beliefs because ... because what? Because we're Oklahoma and we should forgive April 19th? Or ... ? Or why?

Time to boycott, people. This is criminal.

Former Imperial Dragon of the KKK is now security guard in Oklahoma


I'm going to find out where he works so I can be certain to boycott that business and every business associated with it.

This will not stand!!!

Monday, April 25, 2005


While stuck in a traffic jam in beautiful downtown Tahlequah, I noticed a new street sign for a new street: Meadow Creek Lane. I began peering between cars and over bushes to see if I could find any sign of either a meadow or a creek. Not a one. Nothing but an ugly parking lot and a way too big new Lowes.

And I suddenly realized what I've known all along --- we've replaced the actual "thing" or "experience" with words. It doesn't matter anymore whether there's a meadow or a creek or a honeybee. All that matters is that we insert the symbol or sign for the "thing" or the "experience" or whatever.

We're the most objective of all cultures. Sometimes I think the only thing we're about is objects. And anymore, the object itself doesn't matter at all --- all that's needed is the visual reminder through a word, and we no longer notice the signified no longer even exists.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tomato Update and Teacher's Revenge

Well, I had extensive damage from the frost. Looks like the mammoth sunflowers and birdhouse gourds got whopped pretty good, too.

But, after a little watering and some worrying over, it looks like the tomatoes and basil MIGHT survive.

In celebration of this, I've taken all old student work in my possession and am currently shredding and crumpling it to use as compost in my newly built strawberry bed on the front porch.

Revenge was never so sweet ...

What do you speak?

Your Linguistic Profile:

55% General American English

30% Dixie

10% Yankee

5% Upper Midwestern

0% Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

I murdered my tomatoes and basil

I knew there was a late frost coming in last night. Unusual, but not unheard of for this time of year.

And I was thanking my lucky stars I hadn't had time to get everything in the ground, especially my lovely, lovely tomato plants.

So yesterday afternoon, I moved the flats of tomatoes and basil to a protected area, and planned to bring them in later in the evening. Except I got spaced out and fell asleep.

And this morning, I find they're dead. Dead as doornails. Wilted, that horrid froze look to them --- dead.