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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Lovely moth

I found this lovely lovely moth out in the field by Treebeard the other day.

Tornado skies

When tornados are around, the skies take on a green cast. I took this the other evening when there was a tornado about two miles south of me and one right to the northeast of me. It's the Treebeard hickory - compare the colors here to those of the same hickory below. They were taken at about the same time of day.


The evil bunny

I took this one right when it was beginning to get dark. I was spying on the bunny, trying to see if he was sneaking into the bunnyproofed areas at night. Look carefully and you can see him.

By the way, I got some crystallized fox pee - yea, I did! - and the bunny is no longer a problem. I've watched and he won't even cross that pee! :=D

Horsie Pictures

I'm a mowing fool right now, but I am managing to get some pictures. The quality isn't the best on a lot of them --- mind you, I'm using a digital camcorder and pulling pics off it. But a few are okay! Tomorrow, it's supposed to rai and the light is much better for daytime pics then, at least for me. So I'll get better garden photos. For now, though, here goes --- you asked for pics and you got 'em! :=D

First batch: horsies!!

Here are a couple of the neighbor's horses hiding from me beneath my tulip poplar. I love these guys --- they're just terrible, always having pretend stampedes and snorting around and bucking and rearing up. You can't see them very well --- they saw me coming with the camera and, of course, immediately got beneath the tree.

Here's the buckskin that showed up across the road a week or so ago. Isn't he gorgeous? Being a horse, though, the minute he saw the camera, he put his head down.

Here he is again.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blogger is really acting crazy

First it's telling me my blog doesn't exist (that's been going on for a few days) and now it's not letting me respond to comments.

So I'm not ignoring you --- I jusy haven't been able to get it to let me respond to any comments.


I just saw ...

the first monarch butterfly of the season.

I've been out mowing, dodging all the red clover I see (next year, swear I'm planting it --- the butterlies and bees and hummingbirds love it). Now I did run in to get my digicam at one point because I found a huge pale green moth or butterfly. And I managed to get pictures of it.

But I'd already taken the camera back in and gone back to mowing when I saw the monarch.

Last year, I have hundreds of them during the fall. First time I'd seen them here. I'm really glad to see them back.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Old Knowledge, Old Medicine Man, Passing Away

A well known medicine man from these parts was buried today. Yea, yea, I know, anyone reading this who knows who I'm talking about will no doubt spit out he was no medicine man! He was a conjuror!

Well, competition is fierce, you know, so get over it. Besides, I don't care. I know people love to make that distinction, but I believe it arises solely from the Christianization --- missionization, if you will --- of the Indians. A medicine man is a medicine man, and the powerful ones can conjure like no one's business.

And boy, could he conjure --- he was the real thing.

Riding around in a car with him was a serious trip. The first time I ever carted him around, hawks flew down from the sky and skidded across the front hood of my car. More troubling, I had the odd feeling that we'd levitated far above the road and were somehow floating along midair, not quite like an airplane, more like a car that's running and has been levitated. I kept checking my seatbelt, fearful because the car was, swear to god, not really on the road anymore, but instead a few feet over it. But he preferred to ride free. He was havng a great time.

Hoo boy.

During one ride, my mind was somewhat caught up in other matters. At one point, I glanced over at him and saw a major major ex of mine. I turned my eyes back to the road, thinking to myself well, I'll be, I haven't seen him since ... WAIT A MINUTE! I took another look --- he was back to being the medicine man.

When the bridge over 1-40 collapsed a couple of years ago, there was widespread chuckling around here --- oops! he missed! Another medicine man confided in me how worried people were getting. All the knowledge he had, but getting kind of old and a little dotty. Old medicine men getting a little dotty is a problem around here, you know. Maybe not for you all. But for us. They can do things. I'd tell you about the tarantula, but I don't want to freak you out too badly.

In any case, he has gone on now, to that point where space and time collapse into one, where --- rumor has it --- all medicine men do their work anyway. The distinction between space and time is supposedly one created by the early Christians to stamp out the native religions, or so I've been told by others who know about these things.

One more medicine man lost. And yet more old old ancient knowledge disappeared forever.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


So, as MJ says, Alrighty then!

I dare anyone who doesn't believe in global warming to go through what I just went through.

There were tornados to the north of me. Tornados to the south. And, of course, tornados to the west of me. Satellite pics with arrows showing tornados going every which way, north, south, due east and one which couldn't make up its mind and kept changing directions. And now we're having a flood.

Damn, and I don't have my freaking gutters up yet, although i do have one rain barrel set up.

Garden Blogging 2

Okay, some of these were taken in the evening from my porch (because I was still in my jammies --- and I still am today because I'm still painting!), so the color quality isn't great. But as soon as I get out of my jammies, I'll go out and take better pictures.

Pinks --- true heirloom pinks. I can't remember the exact origination, but I do know they were in my hillbilly granma's garden, then an aunt's garden, then my dad's garden and now mine. This is my third generation from the original pinks I brought down here.

Treebeard! The hickory tree on the right in this photo looks exactly like Treebeard during the winter months. When I first moved here, a big wind came through one evening and snapped the top off and across the road, causing the first traffic jam in the hisotry of the community. Seven cars stuck out in front of my place! Within minutes, however, everyone piled out with their chainsaws and cut that huge hickory into firewood. I wasn't sure it could survive, but it has, and how! The bluebirds especially love it.

Another blueberry picture.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Garden Blogging Number 1

Lion's Ear, Basil, Nicotiana and echinacea which survived the freeze end of April ... but which I haven't yet planted - !!!

Blueberries, clover and weeds. Next year, I'm throwing out red clover seeds everywhere.

Loofah, wild poinsettia, morning glories, cardinal flowers and some other things --- the loofah will be planted along the front fence in a week or so.

Mmm mmm strawberries! In their own bed on the front porch (which also has cilantro, a tomato plant or two, echinacea, loofah and ... can't remember. You can see the edges of a cardboard box in the background. I put cardboard boxes in all my beds. Worms loves them!

More photos in a day or so. I took these in my jammies because I haven't gotten into clothes today --- too busy painting to put on real clothes. :=D


While doodling around Kos, I found this:

Rats fed GM corn due for sale in Britain developed abnormalities in blood and kidneys

Rats fed on a diet rich in genetically modified corn developed abnormalities to internal organs and changes to their blood, raising fears that human health could be affected by eating GM food.

The Independent on Sunday can today reveal details of secret research carried out by Monsanto, the GM food giant, which shows that rats fed the modified corn had smaller kidneys and variations in the composition of their blood. According to the confidential 1,139-page report, these health problems were absent from another batch of rodents fed non-GM food as part of the research project.


Doctors said the changes in the blood of the rodents could indicate that the rat's immune system had been damaged or that a disorder such as a tumour had grown and the system was mobilising to fight it.

Dr Vyvyan Howard, a senior lecturer on human anatomy and cell biology at Liverpool University, called for the publication of the full study, saying the summary gave "prima facie cause for concern".

Dr Michael Antoniu, an expert in molecular genetics at Guy's Hospital Medical School, described the findings as "very worrying from a medical point of view", adding: "I have been amazed at the number of significant differences they found [in the rat experiment]."

Although Monsanto last night dismissed the abnormalities in rats as meaningless and due to chance, reflecting normal variations between rats, a senior British government source said ministers were so worried by the findings that they had called for further information.

Environmentalists will see the findings as vindication of British research seven years ago, which suggested that rats that ate GM potatoes suffered damage to their health. That research, which was roundly denounced by ministers and the British scientific establishment, was halted and Dr Arpad Pusztai, the scientist behind the controversial findings, was forced into retirement amid a huge row over the claim.

Dr Pusztai reported a "huge list of significant differences" between rats fed GM and conventional corn, saying the results strongly indicate that eating significant amounts of it can damage health. The new study is into a corn, codenamed MON 863, which has been modified by Monsanto to protect itself against corn rootworm, which the company describes as "one of the most pernicious pests affecting maize crops around the world".

Now, however, any decision to allow the corn to be marketed in the UK will cause widespread alarm. The full details of the rat research are included in the main report, which Monsanto refuses to release on the grounds that "it contains confidential business information which could be of commercial use to our competitors".

A Monsanto spokesman said yesterday: "If any such well-known anti-biotech critics had doubts about the credibility of these studies they should have raised them with the regulators. After all, MON 863 isn't new, having been approved to be as safe as conventional maize by nine other global authorities since 2003."

I have a store of heirloom seeds. Every year, I buy more than I need and store them. I also toss them about willy nilly and happily let any and all volunteers pop up wherever they feel like popping up.

If everyone were buying heirlooms and tossing them about merrily and storing them up, we'd have so much better a chance against these chemical giants and their FrankenFood visions of the future.

Whatever, the message is simple. Don't. Buy. GM. Foods. For any reason.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Potatoes and such

Redneck Mother asked below if I ever think about photoblogging my gardening efforts.

Well, yes I do. The main problem is that my digicam is full, and has been for a good six months or more. And I simply haven't had the time to get everything off of it.

But I need to quickly because my first crop ever of blueberries is coming in. ! I really didn't expect this. It's not a lot --- enough for maybe a bowl --- but it's something. Two of the bushes I haven't even gotten into the ground yet. But they're fruiting.

So sometime in the next day or so, I have to get everything off the digicam so I can get pics of these lovely, not quit ripe, fat, homegrown and not even any fertilizers except a cup of coffee every day or so blueberries.

Which brings me to Sunlite low carb potatoes. Can you imagine such a thing? I found them at the store and spent a good half hour staring suspiciously at them because I was just so sure they must be genetically modified potatoes. But they're not. They're crossbred potatoes.

And I have a couple with nice big fat eyes on them. I've never grown potatoes, but those eyes have got me mighty tempted. I think i might give it a try.

And finally ... Grammydeb sent me some gorgeous pics of the plants she grew from seeds I sent her.

But my email program ate the pics. So Deb, if you're reading this, I can;t post the pics like I thought I would because they got eaten!!