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Saturday, June 18, 2005

I really am around!

If you look carefully, though, you can see I'm getting to be kind of tanned. Despite 50 SPF sunblock.


And when I'm not out there mowing or planting the last of everything (yea, I'm still planting!), I'm in here painting floors or trying to buy a job hunting outfit on eBay (!) or trying to figure out some way out of my current job.

The job's got to go. THE JOB'S GOT TO GO!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Odds and ends, memes and schemes

Okay, first of all, Rob, I haven't forgotten about the book meme. I'm almost there, too!

Which is fair warning to a few of you that you're about to be memed and I don't care if someone's already gotten to you!

And next --- actually, last for now --- some pics before I go do some more mowing and painting. I have to grade this evening, which is a very good indication I'll be on here posting up a storm (meaning I'll be delighted at the opportunity to get distracted from grading).

First, my first passion flower (maypop!) of the season. Yes, i know you can see insect damage around it --- I'm working on different ways of insect control and don't quite have it down yet. These are naturalized passion flower I found when I first got here. I've been working on cultivating them for three years, and now have excellent patches established all over the place --- vines going up trees, and starting to go along fencelines (which is one reason I haven't yet replaced the fences). You can eat the fruit of these, you know. Between it and the lamb's quarter, I'll never starve down here!

My first strawberry. I meant to post this a few days ago, but got horribly sidetracked (as you all know). It's now ripe and I'll be eating it for dessert today.

The yellow coneflower (echinacea) is blooming for the first time since I started them two years ago. They're huge --- almost five feet tall. They're in a protected area now, but next spring, I'll be planting them beneath two giant oaks out back.

Not the best picture --- the lighting here in the afternoon is just way too intense to get good pics --- but here's a shot of part of my bunny-proofed potting/composting shed attached to grape arbor with raised beds. I built this contraption out of a nasty, nasty old shed that was here --- part of it is out of welded steel --- ? --- which is a warning to everyone out there to never let someone with too much time on their hands loose with steel sheets and welding tools. Look closely and you can see the niagara grapes, which are coming along nice, and two tomato plants --- one of the tomatoes is hiding a concord grape on its first year. It won't do much for another year or so. I have another concord and some variegated planted here as well, and am working on an attached patio on the other side. This is partially shaded by another huge oak, so the patio area to be is wonderfully cool in summer and filled with frogs and toads.

A young buck I took a pic of the other night. I've watched him and his sister grow up, and they both still live down in my hollow with their mother. They're fairly polite guests :=D except when I find them jumping the fences for a snack. ! Look closely and you can see the start of his horns.

More later ... lots of stuff is sprouting up and going crazy in all this heat.