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Friday, June 24, 2005



I'm spider phobic and look what just ran out from under the front porch! Arrgh!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I found Buddha

... in my garden today.


Monday, June 20, 2005

Garden Journal, Day Seriously Not Known

I'm off to do errands on my way to class --- I've turned into the laziest summer school teacher --- but hey, whatever. I've got way too much to do here to worry to much about it.

Here's a few pics from this morning. Tomatoes are starting to come in, echinacea is blooming --- I can't wait to move it --- grapes are going wild, and the skinks have taken to napping in the strawberry bed. Good! They'll eat whatever bugs try to eat my strawberries!

Adult skink napping in strawberry bed under some basil --- look closely and you can see his little legs!!!

Grape tomatoes are starting to come in.

Echinacea is blooming, tomatoes have gone nuts, and the grapes have gone bonkers.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


The deluxe pyramid composter from gardeners.com is fabulous! When did I set it up --- maybe two weeks ago? And already, toward the bottom, I'm seeing the beginning of nice, black earth. And it's so simple. I just threw in the kitchen scraps, did some raking and tossed in a mess of old leaves, threw in a couple handfuls of peat, and every now and then, I open it up and stir it a bit.

And already --- it's almost dirt!

And no critter problems either. Yea, I put a rodent screen on the bottom, but was sure I'd still have critter problems --- but none at all. The first day or so, there were lots of bugs flying around, but you have to understand I'd filled it almost a third of the way up with kitchen scraps. But, within a day or so, it smelled like a good compost heap --- with absolutely no accelerator and the only "addition" that couple of handfuls of peat (like that did anything).

It's huge, too. I thought for sure I'd fill it up in no time, but, no. Okay, maybe this fall, it will get entirely full, but not any sooner. What a deal. Especially because I have a mess more gardens to build, and I'm cheap!