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Friday, July 01, 2005

Critters and such

I know, I know, you all are sick to death of me and my excuses, but if you knew me face to face, you'd know I'm not someone to whine about the heat --- in fact, I'm usually the one everyone's telling to get inside because they're sure I'm gonna keel from heatstroke.

But it's been absurd this year --- last night, i swear at 9 pm, it was 94 degrees and like 80 percent humidity. Just ridiculous. Even worse, people's gardens are dying because it got too hot too early, and we didn't have that nice in-between space that June usually gives us. Mine's doing pretty much okay although i do have one tomato that looks like it's going to keel and the basil is doing some really strange stuff. But in general. things aren't doing too bad.

Besides, at least we're not having a drought like half the rest of the south. In fact, around 4-5 this morning, the most pleasant rumbly thunderstorm moved in from up north --- which brings us to yet another strange new development --- what the hell's the deal with storms moving in from the north??? They're only supposed to move in from the southwesr. So what's this about, Mr. Weather Genius wherever you are???

Whatever, I'm taking advantage of this nice cool front that's cme in with the rain to do lots of running around --- maybe tonight I can do some mowing, too, if the ground's dried up enough.

In any case, I have great footage of the bees, a mess of it, but haven't been able to pull off very good single frames yet. I also have some very nice footage of a hawk hunting in my yard area --- he'd better be leaving my frogs and skinks alone! --- the footage itself is very nice, but the pics I've pulled off so far, not so great. Still, they're fun to post.

So here's some pics to keep you all maybe kind of happy til I stop being such a dadgummed negligent lazy blogger.

A miniature Jethro bee --- I just love these guys!

One of my echinacea in the shady portion of the ... well, that thing I built that I'm too lazy to write the whole name of again.

Mr. Hawk sitting on a fencepost hunting in my backyard area. Now he's perfectly welcome to all the rodents he can eat --- but he better leave my skinks and frogs alone!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Global warming sucks

It was over 90 degrees inside today. Inside --- not outside --- inside. With air conditioning going.

On the drive to classes, I went past every small town thermometer. Temps ranged from 99 to 104.

Global warming seriously sucks. These kinds of temps aren't supposed to happen til after the 4th.

And what the hell did they do to our usually relatively pleasant Junes?


It's that time of year

The walkingsticks are hanging on the front porch again.