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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Oh dear

The things you miss when you're being a responsible adult and everything.


Post-unexplained-malaise gardening update

Well, the unexplained exhaustion took a serious toll on the garden. The problems can be traced to two specific failures: inadequate watering because everytime I went to water, I fell asleep instead; and, way hot temps which scorched a mess of stuff.

Including some gorgeous tomatoes which are now compost-worthy, at best.

Damn. I lost probably 15-20 pounds of tomatoes.


But I only lost them in one place, which is the bed which also has three grapes (two variegated and a Niagara) and some basil. The bed is in full sun about 3/4 of the day. Which works for some people, but has never worked for me. My tomatoes have always grown best when they're in shae 3/4 of the day.

So I'm pulling the nice salvagable green ones off and bringing them in.

Damn. I was really looking forward to those tomatoes, too.

Unexplained Exhaustion Update

The unexplained exhaustion is over. I woke up a couple hours ago. I knew I was really awake and not just rousing myself to pee or drink grape juice or fix Soba noodles (buckwheat) because my legs were working again and because I was looking more forward to watering the tomatoes than to certain Death. During the unexplained exhaustion, my reaction to stinking to high heaven was "Oh, who gives a shit anyway!" Now, I am drawing a nice bath, complete with Violet Perlier bath soak.

I haven't yet heard how MJ is coping with her unexplained exhaustion. I think I'm over it, though.

My symptoms from this perspective: Legs swole up like big balloons. Intermittent sore throat and itchy ear. Grumpy and whiney. Didn't give a shit I was dying. Welcomed death as a chance to catch up on my zzzz's. Inability to keep eyes open.

If anyone has a clue what it was, let me know.

Friday, July 22, 2005


A peculiar malaise has fallen over me and I've been asleep since yesterday morning. 21 hours, not quite straight --- I got up periodically to down grape juice, cook some Soba Buckwheat Noodles (yum!), and pee or whatever.

I'm up now only because I need to call the mother of a student, so drowned myself in some coffee in hopes maybe I'd sound sensible. Also to check the tomatoes and I may have to water a bit.

But once that's over, I'm going right back to sleep.

The odd thing is MJ has also been overcome by a peculiar exhaustion. And I'm not exactly sure where she is, but I do know it's at least 500 miles north of me.

Coincidence? I think not.

My symptoms: my legs swole all up, my throat got sore, my ear hurt.

I'm going to check on the tomatoes. See you all in a day or so.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


So I've been spending every single waking moment at Go Fug Yourself. Okay, not every single waking moment, but since around 2:00 a.m. this morning. I couldn't sleep because I spent yesterday trapped in front of a computer formatting for my possibly soon to be published friend (OMG! OMG!) and out of frustration stuffed myself with bad pizza and two giant pieces of cheesecake and even smoked five cigarettes and when I got home last night, I thought I was gonna die. So I stayed up reading Go Fug Yourself.

Which brings me to something else. One of the advantages of my inability to get television out here because I refuse to waste huge amounts of money on stupid cable --- one advantage is I had no idea how bad fashion had gotten. Sheesh, I though all those chickies at the local bait shop slash barbeque slash laundromat were meth heads. And now, I find out they're dressed in the latest fashions?

I am so out of it.

In any case, tonight I'm going out of town. Well, I go out of town a few nights a week to teach, but this time I'm going out of town even further after I go teach. I know all you all have been on these adventurous trips to New York and Denver and even other countries, but me, I consider going to the nearest large city --- okay, not the nearest because the nearest large city is actually in Arkansas --- but a city nearby for the night after I teach tonight.

I just think this is so daring of me. I mean, I'm actually leaving my tomatoes for the night, and the dogs!!!! Oh my gawd!

But I am. All of which brings me to a shameful revelation.

I am so incredibly dull. My idea of daring fashion is to wear green shoes. Although my forgetting to brush my hair for a month is apparently in vogue. I can't eat gourmet pizza, cheesecake makes me sick and I don't like going out of town because "What about the tomatoes?"

In any case, Sister Scorpion, I'm not calling you this trip because I'm going but have to turn right around and come back because of the tomatoes. (embarrassing). But after the tomatoes are gone, i'll be calling you.

And I still haven't processed all that footage.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

And ...

I've decided to be a vegetarian.

Okay, KIND of a vegetarian. A vegetarian when I'm not stuffing myself with pork ribs.

I have been ...

... very, very, very, very busy.

Over the past couple weeks, I've written two grants for worthy causes (Indian related). I've become a citizen scientist at Cornell :=D as part of their Birds in Forested Landscapes program. Totally psyched about that, very much want to be devoting a lot more time to that kind of stuff. Several days have been spent helping my friend who straight out of the chute is getting published (and by a killer publisher). Have also been mowing and finishing painting the floors in here --- okay, not finishing, but I'm getting somewhere.

Have been taking a lot of footage, too. I have the process of the sunflower middle becoming seeds almost completely recorded, although I did miss a day or so.

And there's that cute cowboy who's been riding by on that darling paint. Oh my!!

You know, this being my first experience blogging, I think I've finally realized something. Winter's blogging time for me. During the spring and summer, there's way too much going on.

Not that I'm abandoning the blog. It's just that it's obvious to me that, right now, I can't do it every day.

But I will be posting so please don't leave me completely! I have almost an hour of video I've taken of all kinds of things, including the teeniest tiniest little baby skinks ever. Oh they're cute! And my leopard frogs and peepers.